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The Promise of a Lifetime

Bearing the mark of timeless romance, each wedding band is thoughtfully designed using pave diamonds and sleek metals to serve as a poignant reminder of an unwavering flame of love.

The Proposal

The start of a bright, brilliant future sparks the search for an engagement ring that fully embodies perfect love.

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The Commitment

Saying ‘I Do’ seals a bond that is committed to withstand tests and is only strengthened by challenges.

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The Blessing

Bridal occasions are considered an auspicious celebration of delightful unions.

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Bridal Club Privileges

Enjoy these exclusive offers and make your bridal journey a smooth and pleasant one.

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Life’s Perfect Sparkle

A passion to perfect the craft of diamond cutting delivers the revolutionary cut of the ALLOVE diamond - a result of 30 years of research and development.

Revolutionary 81 Facet Cut

Every 1 in 1000 diamonds make the cut to become an ALLOVE Diamond. Patented in more than 100 countries, the 81 facet cut ALLOVE Diamond eliminates light leakage and reflects the full spectrum of colours for a remarkable scintillation.

The Perfection of 10

The astounding result of the 81 facet cut is the stunning display of 10 perfect hearts and 10 perfect arrows in exacting symmetry, the iconic trademark of the ALLOVE Diamond.

Moments that Last

‘Find the one you can’t live without.’ Momento wedding bands encapsulate every significant moment and memorable milestones that lead up to this remarkable love story.

Rose Gold Romance

Inspired by delightful French designs, feel the tingle of romance with these Jill-Rene wedding bands, cast in the most beautiful shade of rose gold.

An Everlasting Love

Like platinum, true love lasts forever. Encapsulating the very essence of eternal and unwavering love, Romanzo wedding bands are made in high purity platinum.

Designed with Love

Bearing the mark of timeless romance, each wedding band is thoughtfully designed using pave diamonds and sleek metals.

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