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My Singapore, My Home

This SG50 gold bar beautifully encapsulates the iconic features of our Garden City, Singapore. The Merlion set against the cityscape reminds us of Singapore's journey as a fishing village to a cosmopolitan, first world country.

Vanda Miss Joaquim

Featured prominently on the intricately-crafted gold bar is Singapore's national flower, the Vanda "Miss Joaquim", a hybrid orchid that is celebrated for her delicate beauty, resilience and year-round blooming qualities.

Iconic Architectures

The gold bar features 4 of the iconic architectures namely - Changi Airport, Marina Bay Sands, The Supertree Groves, The Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. It represents the best, and most treasured architectures in Singapore today, which is widely admired by locals and tourists.

Harmonious Society

Intricately carved using 3D technology, the HDB and SMRT are elegantly featured on this gold bar. It reflects pride in our Housing and Public transport system that is safe and efficient, while promoting racial harmony.

Golden Legacy

The Golden Legacy holds the record of Singapore's largest 100g Gold Bar, making it a truly SG50 memorabilia. It features the proudest icons that put Singapore on the map - The Merlion, our Defence Force, Public Housing and Transport and not forgetting our Pioneer Generation.