Star Carat | SK Jewellery

Geometry of Light

The artistic and innovative design is inspired by the splendor of romance, luminosity of true love, and the intricate interplay of light on diamonds and white gold.


The magic lies in the unique white gold setting which seamlessly embraces the diamond and reflects light the way a diamond does.

Magnificence of the Star Carat

The perfectly cut diamond elegantly displays a breathtaking dazzle and intense fire, further enhanced by the unique Star Carat setting to unparalled magnificence and aura.


Precision and exact measurements are paramount to the creation of light reflecting facets on white gold, to achieve the allure of the Star Carat

Round Brilliance

Timeless and effortlessly elegant, the round brilliant diamond, has been the iconic symbol of the classic solitaire. Housed within the patented Star Carat setting, the diamond appears even bigger and luxurious.

Fancy Cuts

The Star Carat collection now comes in Fancy Cuts as well. Featuring popular cuts like Cushion, Trilliant, Heart and Oval, all surrounded by a romantic halo of pave-set diamonds.

Trilliant Setting

A sophisticated shape, the unique Trilliant setting emphasises on the sleek lines of triangular-shaped diamonds. Compared to the standard round cut diamond, Trilliant cut diamonds usually appear larger in size due to its width.

Cushion Setting

Gaining popularity among couples of late is the Cushion cut, a square or rectangular cut with rounded corners. Also known as a Pillow cut or Candlelight cut, its smooth outline exudes a simplistic, yet alluring quality, making it a well-loved design for a proposal ring.

Heart Setting

Considered as the ultimate symbol of love, and one of the most romantic diamond shapes, your princess won't be able to resist the sweetness of a heart-shaped diamond ring.

Oval Setting

Compared to the conventional round brilliant cut, the elegant curves and elongated shape of an oval cut makes a stunning and romantic choice for a diamond jewellery.