Guide to Wearing Pixiu Charms, Bracelets, Rings & Jewellery

In the realm of Feng Shui and Chinese cultural symbolism, few icons resonate as powerfully as the Pixiu. This mythical creature, with its lion-like appearance and dragon wings, is more than a symbol; it’s a powerful guardian believed to attract wealth and good fortune to its owner. 

As such, Pixiu bracelets, charms, and rings have been popular jewellery options for Singaporeans for decades – allowing you to bring your lucky jewellery with you wherever you go and usher in prosperity along the way.

Recently, there’s been a resurgence in the popularity of Pixiu, with leading jewellery brands like SK Jewellery offering Pixiu bracelets in updated styles that blend traditional symbolism with contemporary flair.

If you want to start wearing Pixiu bracelets, here’s what you need to know about their meaning, how to wear them, and other Pixiu care tips.

Understanding Pixiu: The Mythical Guardian

Pictured: 999 Pure Gold Flow Of Riches Pixiu Bracelet (White Agate), 999 Pure Gold Felicitous Pixiu Bracelet

Pixiu (sometimes referred to as Pi Xiu, Piyao, or Pi Yao) is a creature from Chinese mythology who is said to feast on precious items such as gold, silver, and jewels. 

There are several legends surrounding the Pixiu, but the most popular and well-known one involves the Pixiu’s visit to the Jade Emperor. In the story, the Pixiu angers the Jade Emperor by defecating on the floor of his palace. The Jade Emperor then punishes the Pixiu by sealing its bottom, leaving it unable to commit the same mistake again – but also trapping its feast of gold, jewels, and gems within it.

As crude as the legend may be, the precious items being ‘stuck’ within the Pixiu is what gave the Pixiu its reputation as a bringer of good luck and fortune! In addition to being a wealth attractor, the Pixiu’s ferocious nature is said to make it an excellent protector against evil forces – ensuring your fortune won’t slip away so easily once it’s arrived.

How to Wear Pixiu Jewellery Correctly

Pictured: 999 Pure Gold Wealth Beacon Pixiu Bracelet (Aventurine), Enamel Baby Pixiu 999 Pure Gold Bracelet

Now that you know the story behind Pixiu, it’s time to look at how to wear a Pixiu bracelet properly in order to ensure its effectiveness:

  • Pixiu bracelets: Pixiu bracelets should only be worn on the left hand, as it’s believed that in Feng Shui, left side attracts wealth. The head of the Pixiu should face outward (towards your pinky finger) to symbolise the Pixiu drawing wealth in towards you.
  • Pixiu rings: Pixiu rings should be worn on the middle finger, which is where your palm’s money line is (according to palmistry).
  • Pixiu necklaces: Pixiu necklaces should always be worn with the head facing upwards as if the Pixiu is receiving a blessing from the heavens.

It’s also important to know that there are people who can and cannot (or are recommended not to) wear the Pixiu:

  • People who can wear Pixiu: People seeking financial improvement or spiritual protection from evil spirits, accidents, or Tai Sui. You should also have good intentions and perform only ethical actions when wearing Pixiu.
  • People who cannot or should not wear Pixiu: People who engage in dishonest conduct or illegal or harmful activities are not recommended to wear Pixiu. People with low chi, such as children under the age of 16, the elderly over the age of 70, the sick, or pregnant ladies, are also not recommended to wear Pixiu as it’s believed the energy can overwhelm or harm them.

Activating Your Pixiu Jewellery

Pictured: 999 Pure Gold Ruyi Fortune Abacus Pixiu Bracelet (Tiger Eye & Blue Tiger Eye), 999 Pure Gold Obsidian Serenity Pixiu Bracelet (Black Agate)

Now, you’ll need to know how to activate your Pixiu bracelet, ring, or necklace before wearing it. This will help to maximise its power and effectiveness. This can be done in several ways, but a common process is:

  1. Cleanse the Pixiu jewellery with sage, moonlight, salt, or running water to purify its energy.
  2. Hold it in your hands, close your eyes, and set your intentions or mantras, focusing on wealth attraction and protection.
  3. ‘Feed’ your Pixiu abundance and wealth by placing it in a bowl with coins, jewellery, or gems. Do note that these have to be metal coins, not paper dollar notes.
  4. Some also suggest placing the Pixiu in the Wealth corner of your home (southeast) for 24 hours before wearing it for the first time.
  5. Once you start wearing your Pixiu, treat it respectfully and touch its body frequently – almost like a pet. However, avoid touching its eyes or mouth too much. This is believed to have a negative effect on the Pixiu’s effectiveness in searching out fortune.
  6. There’s also no official stance on how many Pixiu can you wear, and double Pixiu designs are quite popular. However, we recommend wearing just one Pixiu bracelet at a time to avoid them hitting each other, which could cause damage.

Caring for Your Pixiu Jewellery

Pictured: 999 Pure Gold Pixiu Bracelet with Fortune Ingot Charm, Pixiu 999 Pure Gold Rope Bracelet

To maintain the potency of your Pixiu:

  • Regularly cleanse and recharge your Pixiu piece to ensure it remains a vibrant conduit of wealth and protection. If someone accidentally touches your Pixiu, run it under running water for a quick energy cleanse.
  • Do not wear your Pixiu during showers, when swimming, or when engaged in outdoor activities and exercise in order to protect your Pixiu from breakage.
  • Do not wear your Pixiu during intimate activities, which can be seen as a sign of disrespecting Pixiu.
  • As for where to put your Pixiu bracelet when you’re sleeping, avoid placing it near the bedroom or bathroom when not in use, as these areas can diminish its energy. Instead, store your Pixiu jewellery respectfully in a dedicated space, preferably on a piece of red cloth with its head facing the home’s entrance or main door.
  • Periodic professional cleaning is recommended to preserve the physical and energetic beauty of the jewellery.
  • If your Pixiu breaks, wrap it in red cloth and bury it in the ground to give it a respectful farewell. Do not throw it in the trash, which will trap its energy.

Seek out Fortune, Wealth and Prosperity with Pixiu Bracelets from SK Jewellery

Pixiu jewellery is more than an adornment or accessory; it’s a bridge to ancient wisdom, a protector, and an attractor of prosperity. As we navigate the modern world, these pieces serve as reminders of our connection to traditions that honour the earth’s energies and the protective spirits of the past.

Wondering where to buy beautiful and top-quality Pixiu bracelets in Singapore?

Well, SK Jewellery is proud to offer a diverse range of 999 Gold Pixiu bracelets, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail and quality. Coming in a wide variety of colours and designs, our designs blend seamlessly into your work wardrobe and daily gold jewellery. We invite you to explore these symbols of heritage and protection and find a piece that resonates with your spirit and style. 

Whether you’re drawn to Pixiu for its Feng Shui benefits or its unique beauty, let it serve as a guardian on your journey to prosperity and joy.

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