Geometry of light

The artistic and innovative design is inspired by the splendor of romance, luminosity of true love, and the intricate interplay of light on diamonds and white gold.

Design inspiration


The magic lies in the unique white gold setting which seamlessly embraces the diamond and reflects light the way a diamond does. Precision and exact measurements are paramount to the creation of light reflecting facets on white gold, to achieve the allure of the Star Carat

Three times larger

Harnessing a state-of-the-art patented technology in diamond setting and the skillful hands of a master craftsman, each Star Carat is masterfully set to appear three times larger than its carat size

Magnificence of the Star Carat

The perfectly cut diamond elegantly displays a breathtaking dazzle and intense fire, further enhanced by the unique Star Carat setting to unparalled magnificence and aura.