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Express Your Love – Jewellery For Every Relationship Stage

Your love story is as unique as your relationship, from days of courtship to the moment down the aisle where vows are exchanged and life beyond marriage. Gifts in relationships are generally given to one another, no matter the stage you are in. It is a significant keepsake to express your emotions and bear sentimental value.

Gold Bracelets For Women, Wedding Jewellery
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Give Your Blessings This Chinese New Year With Gold Gifts

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, most people would already be looking forward to indulging in traditional sweets like pineapple tarts, breaking out the red apparels and accessories, and catching up with family and friends. During the celebrations, Ang Pow, or red packets, are traditionally handed out by family members and relatives, as tokens of good fortune and blessing. It has always been a pleasant gesture to make and is often seen during those rounds of Lunar New Year visits.

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Refresh Your Jewellery Collection With Just A Click Away

In today’s day and age, there have never been more choice or availability in purchasing jewellery online. Whether you’re looking for pearl earrings or tennis bracelets in Singapore, you can browse the selection at the comfort of your home or on the go. There is plenty to consider from material types and designs to styles and prices. Jewellery can provide aesthetic improvement in transforming how an outfit looks, but also be incredibly meaningful.

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What You Should Know About The Gold Purity Of Your Jewellery

Most of us would already know that gold is valuable. Pure gold especially is also a symbol of value, and is popular as gifts to celebrate occasions like birthdays. When buying si dian jin in Singapore, quality is not only the priority. It is also about what the symbols represent that often carry some significance and to convey their best wishes. But how do you check the purity of the gold jewellery you are buying?