We are all familiar with the sparkle that immediately catches our eye when we go to a jewellery store. Diamonds are the ultimate in glitz and the star of the most lavish jewellery pieces. Whether it’s a diamond ring on the finger or a pair of diamond earrings, this precious gemstone is loved in all shapes and form.

And the sparkle of a diamond is undeniable. But do you know how do diamonds shine the way they do?

The answer is, it depends on how the stone is cut and polished.

How a diamond shine is optimised

The key elements that have a huge impact on a diamond’s brilliance is: cut, polish, and symmetry.

If a diamond is cut too shallow or too deep, much of the light will exit instead of reflecting within the facets of the diamond which will exude the maximum brilliance as a result. The most popular cuts and shapes today are designed to offer the best light performance, and enhance the diamond’s brilliance.
Diamond polish refers to the degree of smoothness of the diamond’s surface as measured by a gemologist. Microscopic surface defects may occur due to the polishing wheel when the diamond is cut and polished. A diamond’s polished is examined and ranked under 10x magnification by gemologists, looking for imperfections and flaws left behind by the cutter.

Diamond symmetry is the arrangement and alignment of facets in a finished diamond. Symmetry will be examined by a gemologist based on features like size and shape of the facets. The angles and facets in a diamond help to direct light through, thus with poor symmetry it may misdirect the light and send it off at slightly wrong angles. This will reduce the diamond’s brilliance and it will not have that quintessential sparkle.

But a diamond shine isn’t confined to just the above factors as SK Jewellery ups the ante by adopting a trademark technology for its Dancing Star collection.
Dancing Star diamonds

With carefully selected diamonds and immaculate craftsmanship using enhanced motion diamond technology, SK Jewellery Dancing Star collection offers contemporary designs that allow the diamond to shine infinitely. This further optimizes the shine of a diamond with every slightest movement and every breath.

A Dancing Star diamond oscillates at 10 times per second to give 10 times the brilliance of a traditional diamond. With free oscillation in every movement, the reflection within the facets of the diamond is optimized to display the ultimate brilliance. The collection includes necklaces, rings and earrings that will take you from day to night and help you create dazzling moments in life.

So, the next time you’re shopping for diamonds, you’ll be sure of how you can find a beautiful jewellery piece that offers you an added sparkle with the latest technology, making it a discerning choice for every savvy shopper.