Most of us would already know that gold is valuable. Pure gold especially is also a symbol of value, and is popular as gifts to celebrate occasions like birthdays. When buying si dian jin in Singapore, quality is not only the priority. It is also about what the symbols represent that often carry some significance and to convey their best wishes. But how do you check the purity of the gold jewellery you are buying?

What is gold purity?

Firstly, you should know how gold purity is measured. It is expressed in the unit Karat – the higher the value, the purer the gold. Another system to measure gold purity is expressed in parts per 1000, which tells us how many parts out of 1000 are pure gold. 24 karats, or 999, is an indication of the purest form of gold. This means the gold is 99.9% pure and is at its maximum fineness. The remaining 0.01% would contain other metals such as zinc, copper, silver or nickel.

999 Pure Gold takes on a distinct bright yellow colour and is naturally more expensive than lower karat gold. Other karat ratings are 22K, 18K, 14K and 9K which has lesser gold content as the number descends. You should also note that 24K gold is lesser in density in comparison to gold of lower karatage, thus this makes it malleable and pliable. Due to how soft it is, it takes mastery skills and expertise to craft into intricate gold jewellery and collectible pieces. Working with the purest of gold requires flawless precision, good knowledge and techniques.

Other colours of gold

The natural warm colour of pure gold cannot be changed unless the purity of gold is altered to less than 24K. During the making of the gold jewellery, the composition of the alloy can be changed to produce other colours.

White Gold – Nickel or palladium is added
Green Gold – Silver and zinc is added
Pink or Rose gold – More copper is added

Buying gold jewellery

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With impeccable craftsmanship, pure gold is also treasured for its monetary importance. if you’re looking for a more grand and generous gift, 999 pure gold bars also make for a great auspicious gift for birthdays and weddings. There are collectible gold bars as well as customized choices to commemorate the special occasions in your life.

Gold jewellery is a prized possession to have in your collection. As such, it is important to understand more about the purity of gold before making your decision to purchase gold jewellery or gold bars.