Your love story is as unique as your relationship, from days of courtship to the moment down the aisle where vows are exchanged and life beyond marriage. Gifts in relationships are generally given to one another, no matter the stage you are in. It is a significant keepsake to express your emotions and bear sentimental value.

New Love

This is a sweet beginning to your relationship and the future looks bright. You both have things in common and share a mutual attraction to be exclusive. Keep the passion or romance alive, so surprise her with a gift from time to time to express how you really feel and how much she means the most to you. SK Jewellery offers great jewellery ideas ranging from pearls and gemstones to diamonds in various styles.


Treat your special someone with lustrous, naturally luminous pearls from SK Jewellery’s Shima collection. Crafted meticulously in elegant designs, make your selection from pearl pendants to pearl earrings that will take the wearer from day to night in elegance. A classic in jewellery, these pearls are further accented when paired with diamonds and white gold for a timeless, feminine feel.


Delightfully colourful, SK Jewellery also offers the Floral collection of precious gemstones that adds a stylish and contemporary touch to necklaces and earrings. From Amethyst to Blue Topaz, make a statement with an alluring piece that brings out the beauty in its wearer.


Choose from statement bracelets to earrings and necklace pendants for the one that shines bright in your life. SK Jewellery also presents the Dancing Star collection which features contemporary sleek designs with innovative technology that optimizes the shine of a diamond. With oscillation at 10 times per second and in every movement, the brilliance one can get from the Dancing Star diamond is 10 times more. .


You have explored and discovered each other well enough to know she is the one you who will be your life partner. So it’s time to pop the question with an extraordinary diamond and put a ring on it.

SK Jewellery presents the ALLOVE diamond collection which features an iconic trademark of the diamond. Crafted skilfully by master craftsman in Belgium, the ALLOVE diamond has a revolutionary 81-facet cut that allows for maximum light reflection, giving the ultimate sparkle. The symmetrical 10 hearts and arrows patterns offers the perfect interpretation of a wholesome, all-encompassing love.


Marriage is a significant milestone in one’s love journey. Honour your commitment with a range of wedding jewellery available at SK Jewellery.

Your wedding bands serve as a poignant reminder of an unwavering flame of love. Each wedding band is thoughtfully designed and encapsulates the essence of eternal love. Browse an assortment from simple to elaborate designs at friendly prices, so you can choose the right one for your love story.

For a more traditional approach, you can also find gold jewellery designs for wedding with Si Dian Jin pieces for an auspicious and prosperous union.

Ultimately, there is a perfect piece of jewellery to gift your significant other in each stage of your relationship. Keeping her tastes and preferences in mind, such as her favourite gemstone or metal, adds a personal touch to make the gift special.