Did you know that there are much more that goes into choosing the perfect wedding ring than just the 4Cs? It’s not just about carats all the time, and as we plan to show you in this comprehensive guide - true love is never too far to reach.

all you need to know about buying a proposal ring

Diamond Ring Settings

If the 4Cs are your basic foundation, consider the setting to be the second foundation – depending on your personal taste, preference and lifestyle, here are 4 popular styles to get you started:
Solitaire – French for “alone”, solitaire rings are extremely common, consisting of a single diamond with limited metalwork to draw the eye towards the center. Solitaires are definitely for the classic and simple lady who enjoys a timeless design, and generally goes well with all kinds of shapes and cuts.

Pavé - Engagement rings with a Pavé setting are encrusted with petite diamond accents on the sides, almost as if “paving” the way for glitz and glamour, resulting in a continuous shiny effect for extra drama.

Three-Stone – If you are looking for something far more versatile, this setting is definitely for you. Comprising of three stones that are set side-by-side, they are often seen as a representation of the couple’s past, present and future together. Personalize your proposal ring by opting for coloured stones, such as sapphires, rubies and even your birthstone to truly make it yours. 

Halo – If you wish to boost the appearance of a small carat ring, this option is for you. By encircling more diamonds or gemstones around the center stone, you will get an impressive diamond ring without adding too much cost.

Diamond Ring Cuts

In order to settle on a specific cut, you have to first understand the “Facet” – the flat polished surface of a finished gemstone. Remember: the more facets a stone possesses, the more sparkly it will be. 

Round Brilliant – Over 75% of brides-to-be choose this cut, simply due to its allowance for the highest possible number of facets in the ring that leads to maximum sparkle. 

Princess - Another popular choice for an engagement ring, the princess cut is for the die-hard romantics. Due to their rectangular and square shape, the colour that is emitted from the diamond is extremely unique, each corner exuding its own distinct colour.

Oval – An oval cut is slightly longer and wider than a round cut, which makes the overall ring look bigger in size. This cut is slowly growing in popularity, and brides who love a bold look will have no problems pulling this one off.

Pear – Sometimes known as the “Teardrop Cut”, pear cut diamonds look just like its name - offering a much softer and delicate look as compared to other cuts. Symmetry is key here, so make sure the pointed edge lines up perfectly with the apex of the rounded end. 

Diamond Ring Metals

Besides focusing on the diamond itself, you also need to consider the metal of your band to complement your stone of choice. The 2 most common metal types are below:

Platinum – The best choice, and also the most expensive choice. However, Platinum is the metal that requires the least maintenance as a result of its durability. A reliable ring that will last you a lifetime, this naturally white metal with a cool lustre complements diamonds perfectly. What’s more, they are also hypoallergenic – great for brides with an active lifestyle or sensitive skin.

Gold – The most common choice synonymous with any type of jewellery. Gold wedding rings usually come in these colours – yellow, white and rose gold. Yellow gold is the most common out of the three and is great for brides that are more inclined towards warmer tones. Add on rhodium plating to yellow gold and you will get white gold, a regal and more modern metal type that flatters any diamond. Rose gold on the other hand is a unique and easy-going option that looks great on all skin types. The only downfall to gold is that it requires more effort to preserve its shine

SK Jewellery’s ALLOVE Collection

Every bride deserves an all-encompassing love that never compromises - a message that our ALLOVE collection expresses through an all-new 81 facet cut. Pushing the boundaries in diamond-cutting techniques, ALLOVE diamonds maximizes reflection while eliminating light leakage with its trademark diamond cut – a stunning and elaborate pattern of 10 hearts and 10 arrows that gives each piece a symmetrical pattern signifying the perfect love. Matched with pavé diamonds and sleek metals, every artisanal design owns a unique identification as a mark of guarantee, as well as the highly-recognized GIA certification to assure you of the diamond’s quality. Life’s perfect moments should be illuminated only by the perfect sparkle of ALLOVE diamonds.