Ma, mom, mommy. Regardless of what you call the woman who gave you everything, we’re sure you showered her with love every day. As Mother’s Day is almost upon us, this is an opportunity to show a little extra gratitude. While nothing can come close to repaying how your mom has raised you up, jewellery is a popular choice by many to gift as a token of appreciation to Mom.

As one of the best ways of self-expression, the jewellery your mom wears can reveal her personality and make a statement about who she is. For one of the most important women in your life, we share 5 gift ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day that will complement her personality beautifully.

Gift idea #1: Shima collection (Pearl)

shima collection

For the sophisticated Mom, treat her with lustrous pearls from our Shima collection. Discover naturally luminous pearl in elegant designs to dress up her outfit from day to night. Exude grace and elegance with an assortment of pearls meticulously designed in a range of bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Whether she prefers a subtle and understated look, or an eye-catching bold statement, the addition of pearl jewellery can elevate any look for a very chic, sophisticated style.

Gift idea #2: Dancing Star (Diamond Jewellery)

dancing star

For the Glamorous Mom, dazzle her with SK Jewellery’s Dancing Star collection which features sleek and contemporary designs to optimize the shine of a diamond. Using innovative motion diamond technology, the brilliance of a Dancing Star diamond is enhanced 10 times more, with oscillation at 10 times per second and in every movement. The collection carries bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings to perfectly complement her outfits with a little sparkle and elegance.

Gift Idea #3: Looney Tunes collection

looney tunes collection

For the fun-loving Mom, SK Jewellery’s Looney Tunes collection presents the best of both worlds: jewellery and loveable characters. Featuring the famous Warner Bros characters, you can find jewellery designs with Bugs, Tweety, Porky and friends on pendant bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more. They are crafted in 999 pure gold, white gold, rose gold and diamonds and designed to reflect their true personalities. Reminisce all those classic memories with Mom through this collection and draw out the playful side of her.

Gift idea #4: Jade Royale collection

jade royale collection

For the Elegant Mom, the Jade Royale collection is bound to convey the ultimate message of well-wishes. Being the symbol of beauty and goodness, jade is a staple accessory generally favoured by the older generation. The Jade Royale collection carries pieces that bear intricate carvings and are handcrafted through a traditional embedding technique. At SK Jewellery, Hetian Jade is the choice of jade for our collection. Hetian Jade is creamy, pure white and flawless, and considered to be the crème de la crème of jade. Embrace beauty and grace when Mom adorns a stunning jade piece from this collection.

Gift idea #5: SK 916

sk 916

For the chic Mom, exude her inner radiance with SK 916 Gold collection which features 6 series namely Glow, Glee and Merry. Each series carry thematic gold jewellery pieces from earrings to pendant necklaces and rings with contemporary designs that offer versatility to wear in many styles and ways. Put a smile on your Mom’s face and let her glow in gold with fashionable dainty pieces from the collection.

Celebrate Mom with a special jewellery gift that reminds her of how much she is loved and cared for. At SK Jewellery, you can certainly show your mom love with our range of jewellery collections that will suit any personality.