Apart from classic jewellery, gold bars also make for a meaningful gift for celebration of a milestone or a joyous occasion. It carries great significance in value as well as conveys the message of appreciation, admiration or affection to the recipient. The allure of gold makes for a generous gift that bestows blessings and well-wishes for any occasion.

Bring it up a notch and celebrate the best moments in life with a one-of-a-kind gold bar. You can now design and customise your own 999 Pure Gold Bar to commemorate a celebratory occasion with SK Jewellery online.

A gold bar just for you

Personalise the perfect present to commemorate your golden milestones. They are crafted with your favourite photo and sincerest message for an exquisite gift.

There are 3 occasions available for your gold bar gift ideas:

· Wedding


Whether you’re gifting the blissful couple or your significant other, make your wedding gift a unique and auspicious one with a customised gold bar. You can personalise it with the wedding date or include well-wishes to convey joy and love in the marriage. 999 Pure Gold bars are also an ideal valuable asset that can be passed down to future generations as a form of inheritance.

· Birthday


What better way to wish a Happy Birthday than with a personalised gold bar! Young or old, the recipient will be happy to receive a memorable 999 Pure Gold birthday gift that is personalised with their picture and a personal message, which also carries monetary importance as well as a celebration of turning a year older.

· Baby shower

baby shower

New parents can mark this significant event of welcoming their new bundle of joy with a commemorative gold bar. It is also a perfect baby shower gift to congratulate the new parents of this joyous occasion. The value of gold provides a regal status to the gift, making it a heartfelt memorabilia for the happy Moms and Dads.

How to customise

how to customise

Customising your own 999 Pure Gold bar can be done online easily with just the touch of your fingertips.

1st step: Choose a gold bar design for an occasion (Wedding/Birthday/Baby Shower) and select the gold weight (2g/5g/10g).

2nd step: Upload a photo. You can adjust and preview the photo to achieve the desired look for the gold bar.

3rd step: Insert a message, well wishes or a special date according to how you wish for it to appear on the gold bar. You can even customise the font type, font colour and alignment to craft the perfect personalisation.

Your customised 999 Pure Gold bar is beautifully crafted for any joyous occasion and it makes a high quality and meaningful moment for the recipient.

Customise your own 999 Pure Gold Bar at www.skjewellery.com/create-your-own/gold-bar-customiser. Prices start from $299.