When it comes to accessorising your outfit, you can always count on jewellery to add that extra oomph. The right jewellery can make a stylish statement and complete your whole look without competing with your outfit. Be it a diamond ladies bracelet or a pair of diamond earrings, it could be just the thing you need to add that final touch of glam.

This summer, SK Jewellery is launching a selection of new designs to the signature Dancing Star collection so you can widen your jewellery assortment. The Dancing Star series include necklaces, earrings, rings and bangles. They are available now at SK Jewellery in-stores and on our online e-shop. Prices start from $239.

The launch of NEW Dancing Star

For the bold, free and dynamic, Dancing Star diamonds perfectly accentuate the style and personality of the woman who embraces who she is. Just like the continuously oscillating diamond, she is constantly shining to exude the multifaceted personality of hers. It is designed to move continuously for maximum light reflection, giving the illusion of a bigger and brighter diamond.

Dancing Star diamonds are immaculately crafted using enhanced motion diamond technology that allows the diamond to shine infinitely. This breakthrough technology in diamond setting features an oscillation mechanism that allows the diamond solitaire to “dance” with the slightest movement by the wearer. This enables maximum light to be captured from various angles, giving you 10x shine and 10x brilliance.

Inspired by the prism light reflection of the diamond, let the iridescence of the Dancing Star diamond light you up.

Our top picks

Displaying the ultimate brilliance, Dancing Star diamonds add a touch of sparkle and helps you create dazzling moments in life. You can effortlessly add a touch of sophistication to your outfit and leave a sparkle wherever you go. No matter your personal style and personality, Dancing Star diamonds are easy to match with your outfits.

1. Dancing Star Orbis Diamond Pendant, $469

dancing star orbis diamond pendants

Utterly chic, this diamond pendant in 10K White Gold is a brilliant accent to any mood or moment. It comprises of 1 centre piece diamond and 12 diamonds with 0.05 carat weight in total, bringing you alluring radiance as you move. Pair it with a blouse or pencil dress as it can also bring an understated elegance to your work attire.

2. Take Heart Drop Diamond Earrings, $499

take heart drop diamond earring

Designed for the one with extraordinary grace, complete your outfit with a pair of timeless drop earrings in 10K White Gold. This dainty perfection features 2 diamonds weighing at 0.04 carat as well as 6 small diamonds that will complement your personal beauty. Bring out the best of your outfit by pairing this with anything in your wardrobe from your favourite dress to a simple tee.

3. Sparkling Love Pendant, $639

sparkling love pendants

Rock some bling in your everyday life. Featuring a simple heart design, this classic timeless style adds the perfect finishing touch to your daytime and evening ensembles. This diamond in 14K White Gold will surely delight and elegantly frame your décolletage, while moving eternally to the beat of your heart. Whether you’re dressing up for a dinner date or brunching with your girlfriends, this pendant will add a little bit of sparkle to your outfit.