The Ideal Jewellery Gift Guide for International Women’s Day

Originally known as International Working Women’s Day, International Women’s Day originates in 1975 by the United Nations and is fixed on March 8 every year. This day serves to celebrate women’s rights and world peace.

Although this is a yearly affair, why not make this March a memorable one for your beloved woman by gifting her a piece of elegant and dazzling jewellery?

Regardless of whether the jewellery is for your family, friend, or significant other, let this month be the time you show appreciation to the women that had made a positive impact in your life.

To commemorate the pro-female day, we’ve compiled the guide for ideal, equality-minded jewellery designs for different types of women in your life.

For the classy women

Class is a mysterious element that comes in many forms, depending on the woman. It stems from a woman’s sense of self, courtesy, kindness and confidence. Often, it includes an elegant charm. Here is some jewellery that will suit a lady that exudes self-respect, class, and etiquette:

1. Skarlet Dazzling Descent White Gold Diamond Earrings

Skarlet Dazzling Descent White Gold Diamond Earrings

These elegant earrings feature five diamonds cascading down the earlobe. Crafted from 10kt white gold, these dainty drop earrings are characterised by a chain of round cut diamonds. It looks simple at first glance, but it has five times the class with five diamonds.

These earrings will pair well with an elegant evening dress, giving the lady a more feminine and sophisticated look.

2. Starlett Brilliant Cascade White Gold Diamond Pendant

Starlett Brilliant Cascade White Gold Diamond Pendant

Long and elegant, this beautiful pendant consists of round, brilliant diamonds linked together. Carved in 10kt white gold, this necklace brings out the wearer’s elegance and is ideal for any occasion.

This pendant is also detachable, so you can match it with any chain you want. Moreover, you can match it with the Skarlet Dazzling Descent White Gold Diamond Earrings for extra charm.

3. Classic Cluster Diamond Ring

Classic Cluster Diamond Ring

A diamond cluster ring is great to express a symbol of a lifetime commitment to your spouse, and it represents how you will give each other the future, no matter what it holds. However, who said a diamond ring is exclusive for proposals?

This particular ring represents a beautiful flower blooming, with a centre diamond surrounded by other diamonds representing the petals. This creates the impression of perfection and a heavenly appearance, making it suitable to express how you appreciate the receiver’s beauty.

4. Love Sign Pearl Earrings

Love Sign Pearl Earrings

Pearls usually represent wisdom through experience and can also mean values such as calmness, integrity, loyalty, purity, and serenity.

By combining the pearls with delicate hearts, which symbolises strong friendship, devotion and affection, these petite pair of earrings are ideal for a stylish woman who is exceptional in every way.

5. Sleek Dazzling Diamond Bangle

Sleek Dazzling Diamond Bangle

You can never go wrong with a simple yet classic diamond bangle when it comes to gifting jewellery. This is because of two reasons: firstly, a bangle suits many tastes. Secondly, a diamond bangle serves as a “neutral’ gift jewellery item if you are gifting it out of politeness and do not know what the other party likes.

In other words, it is not a jewellery item that has symbolism behind it, unlike rings that are usually given during proposals. A bangle makes a great gift for multiple occasions, making it a go-to option for Independent Women’s Day. Moreover, it’s suitable to wear for formal events.

6. Star Carat Classic Cushion Halo Diamond Pendant

Star Carat Classic Cushion Halo Diamond Pendant

If you want something that sparkles, consider this classic halo diamond pendant. This pendant consists of a large diamond in a collection of smaller, round pavé diamonds that catch the light and focus attention on the centre stone. People’s gazes will be drawn to the pendant.

It is a beautiful hybrid of the round and princess diamond shapes, so it gives off the vintage, classy look that will stand out in the crowd.

For the cute and adorable women

Cuteness usually combines a natural, friendly and comfortable style. It also suggests that the woman is approachable, kind and sweet with a youthful charm. This woman is bubbly and cheerful, making her a fun person to hang out with. To match her adorable image, here is some jewellery you can gift her:

7. SK 916 Mix And Maze Earring

SK 916 Mix And Maze Earring

If the recipient has pierced ears and is an active, social and bubbly person, consider giving her this pair of earrings. A classic piece made of 916 gold, the bead and square are coated in silver and rose gold. This helps keep the elegance of our jewellery while projecting the wearer’s image as a fun and cheerful person.

These earrings go well with casual and everyday wear. You can pair it with any jewellery to mix and match.

8. Love All Sides 999 Pure Gold Pendant

Love All Sides 999 Pure Gold Pendant

The cube is often associated with the rational mind. As a symbol of completeness, solidity, and durability, it suggests that all aspects of life will lead to one point because it looks the same from any perspective.

The pendant is combined with the hearts, which represent love, to illustrate how all sides of the person deserve to be loved and how the love towards the wearer will remain stable.

9. Face Of Pooh 999 Pure Gold Ring

Face Of Pooh 999 Pure Gold Ring

Nothing screams cute more than one of Disney’s oldest characters, Winnie the Pooh. This loyal, fluffy teddy bear is suitable for those who love the adorable yet simple things in life.

Since Winnie resembles an adorable bear and is a nostalgic character, it also reminds the wearers of the fond memories of their childhood. Its simple design is suitable for casual outfits and those who love Disney.

10. Forever Knot Diamond Ring

Forever Knot Diamond Ring

The thing about knots is that they are secure and unbreakable. They are often used to symbolise love and unity in romance. Since the knot in this ring resembles a ribbon bow, it also emphasises on femininity due to its delicacy and intricacy. Moreover, it can enhance the wearer’s appearance.

People who wear ribbon bows in their hair give off the image of being precious and adorable. This bow, made out of diamonds, adds to the endearing charm and allows the person to shine.

11. Winnie The Pooh Set 999 Pure Gold Charm Bracelet

Winnie The Pooh Set 999 Pure Gold Charm Bracelet

Consider this lovely chain bracelet if the recipient loves all things Winnie! Everything about this accessory is adorable, consisting of the iconic Winnie the Pooh with a bumblebee and a pot of his favourite hunny.

Moreover, the hunny is sweet, which adds charm to the lovely image the wearer will portray when wearing this bracelet. It’s a thoughtful gift for anyone who adores cute things.

12. Blue Candied Bear Skarlet Diamond Pendant

Blue Candied Bear Skarlet Diamond Pendant

While blue seems like a colour for boys, did you know that an article from Earnshaw’s Infants’ Department in 1918 had declared that pink was for boys, and blue was for girls? The reasoning was that pink was a more decisive and stronger colour, while blue was more delicate and daintier.

Hence, wearing something blue is a sign that she is fair and gentle since blue represents peace, serenity and kindness, aspects that were considered feminine virtues. Combining it with teddy bears, which are cute in their own rights, you get an accessory that can represent their femininity and bring out their charming side.

For the bold & adventurous women

When it comes to getting the opportunity to try something new, expect these women to jump at the chance of doing so. You can learn from these people since they can get happiness from everything and anything in life. They are also willing to take chances and like to experience something out of their comfort zone. Here is some jewellery that will delight them:

13. SK 916 Fabulous Flower Ring

SK 916 Fabulous Flower Ring

Consider gifting this intricately crafted ring if you want something unique and glamorous. The exquisite flower represents the love, beauty, and respect the wearer deserves.

Moreover, the flower brings tons of positive energy, giving the recipient something to hold on to during tough times. A beautiful flower also represents nature’s beauty, fitting for people who love to go outdoors.

14. Sheryl Pearl Earrings

Sheryl Pearl Earrings

An inverted triangle represents the water element, which symbolises purification, healing, and peace. Moreover, it can also mean the Earth element, which means stability and grounding. An inverted triangle is considered a passive symbol and is associated with femininity.

By adding the pearls and their symbolism, these earrings give the impression of a fashionable good luck charm to be carried during adventures.

15. En Pointe 14k Rose Gold Loca Earrings

En Pointe 14k Rose Gold Loca Earrings

This set of earrings features the triquetra symbol made of rose gold. As a triple knot design, the triquetra is one of the most popular and enduring types. Triquetra means “three-cornered”, and because of the never-ending and unbroken design, it is said to represent many things, such as unity, protection and everlasting life.

Having that symbol carved in a piece of jewellery will represent the symbol’s values and act as a lovely and delicate piece to a casually elegant style.

16. SK Oro Amare Blossom Of Beauty Gold Bangle

SK Oro Amare Blossom Of Beauty Gold Bangle

If you are looking for something that could bring out the receiver’s inner beauty and encourage their adventurous side, then consider this bangle. Impressive crafted in 916 gold, plum blossoms represent perseverance because they can bloom during the cold winter.

Moreover, since plum blossoms bloom at the end of winter, they are considered the first flowers of the year. Hence, the plum blossoms also represent purity and renewal. With its exquisite design and the significant symbolism of the plum blossoms, it can serve as a reminder to the wearer to keep trying new things and never give up.

17. Starry Cross Pink Sapphire Gem Pendant

Starry Cross Pink Sapphire Gem Pendant

If the recipient is more religious, you can combine fashion and religion with this necklace. The cross is a Christian religious symbol that signifies faith, good luck, and fortune. Wearing one is believed to protect the wearer from harm, bring peace and calm, and fend off evil spirits.

On the other hand, pink gemstones are associated with self-worth, acceptance, contentment, compassion and unconditional love. By giving them this necklace, you give them both the love and protection they need to face any challenges.

For the minimalist

A minimalistic woman focuses less on material possessions and more on what they value in life, since to them, less is more. They are content with what they have and don’t desire bigger and better things. They seek simplicity, usefulness and clarity.

Since they prefer the simplest styles, here are some jewellery they may like:

18. SK 916 Gold Luna Abstract Ring

SK 916 Gold Luna Abstract Ring

True to its name, each of the five circles in the ring has a varying amount of gold filled in, similar to the moon’s phases. Because the moon continually goes through the cycles of growth and decline, the phases are considered symbols to guide our personal growth and development.

Thanks to its plain but meaningful design, this ring adds a subtle emphasis on even the simplest styles. You can even mix and match for a bolder look.

19. Classic Half Eternity Stackable Diamond Band In White Gold

Classic Half Eternity Stackable Diamond Band In White Gold

Half eternity rings are usually more practical and comfortable than full eternity rings. Since the gems only sit on top of the band, half- eternity bands will allow larger stones. Moreover, it’s more comfortable because the fingers are easier to close, as there are no stones at the bottom half.

Not only is this unique ring intricately crafted, but it’s also easier to resize, even after the gems are set. This ring is suited for those who value beauty and practicality in their jewellery.

20. Stay Classy Pearl Earrings

Stay Classy Pearl Earrings

Pearls have always been one of the plainer gems. Nevertheless, they carry a lot of meaning behind it. It can be considered a gift of affection and love, as well as a good luck charm. Furthermore, various myths consider pearls as symbols of good fortune and wealth.

Because pearls are timeless, they perfectly represent your belief and values, such as truth, power, wisdom, perfection, beauty, and happiness. Nothing would symbolise your ideal values more than this pair of lovely pearl earrings.

21. SK 916 Swirl Around Gold Earrings

SK 916 Swirl Around Gold Earrings

Specially crafted in 916 gold, spirals symbolise constant movement and progressive development. What is more, this creative pair of earrings weaves swirls to resemble flowers, which usually represent beauty. By combining them, the jewellery symbolises the constant development of the wearer’s beauty.

Thanks to the simple design, this pair of earrings are versatile and can be matched with any outfit. Whether you choose a blazer or a plain T-shirt, these earrings can add shine to your outfit of the day.

22. SK Oro Amare Aurelia Gold Bracelet

SK Oro Amare Aurelia Gold Bracelet

When it comes to creating a classic look, silver and gold go well together. There is no need to shop around for individual silver and gold pieces with this bracelet. Gold is a precious stone, whereas silver is a sophisticated metal easy to customise.

Combining these colours gives you a harmonious and elegant mix of aesthetically appealing elements.

23. SK Oro Amare Lxoraxs Necklace

SK Oro Amare Lxoraxs Necklace

Simple but sculptural, this modern necklace is exquisitely crafted in 916 gold. What is special about this necklace is each of the faceted surface is crafted with detail so that is can shine even brighter. When light reflects on each surface, it reveals its hidden, dazzling side.

This is ideal for those who prefer something simple, but also wants to stand out in the crowd at the right time.


International Women’s Day should be celebrated with gifts that will properly commemorate all women. While it is the thought that counts, gifts filled with meaning and catered to their personality and tastes are still the best ways to express your appreciation.

With SK Jewellery, you can commemorate the influential women in your life with an elegant touch. With our vast collection of jewellery, you are sure to find something that will perfectly suit the recipient.

From classic diamond rings to fashionable pearl necklaces, we are the one-stop shop to meet gifting demands for any occasion. Should you need a hand in picking out the ideal jewellery, please book an appointment with us for a complimentary consultation today.

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