Create your Own Story That Is As Unique As You Are

The Hallmark of Pure Gold

Upholding the motto that "Every product tells a story", 999 Pure Gold Charms are perfect not just for life's special occasions, but also ideal for any beautiful moment worth cherishing.

Be Spoilt for Choice

Trendy and eye-catching, the stainless steel bracelets boast an intricate pattern that feels fun and light on the wrist.

Made with the highest purity of gold

999 Pure Gold is highly malleable and extremely suitable for jewellery making. Superb craftsmanship coupled with electroforming technology is required in order to create lasting intricate details on our unique Charms.

Varying textures

The gold used undergoes different treatments to achieve varying textures. The alphabet series are heavily polished to achieve parallel lines that emphasize on the engraved characters. The gold in other series have enhanced sparkling effects for beautiful glistenings from all angles.

Fun and Functional

To prevent excessive movements from causing potential damage, all Charms come with an anti-slip measure to ensure minimal sway. Bracelets are made out of interwoven steel to ensure sturdiness. This results in a unique texture, and requires more labour hours than regular bracelets.