You deserve to shine

Staying true to the brand’s belief that everyone deserves to shine, each piece of jewellery is meaningfully conceptualised and beautifully crafted.

Established in 2003, SK Jewellery was created with the belief that the beauty, luxury and allure of high-quality jewellery should be attainable to all modern women. Putting great emphasis on innovation and design excellence, SK Jewellery quickly became known as the contemporary jewellery famed for its high quality and exquisitely beautiful diamond jewellery.

SK Jewellery is relentlessly dedicated to innovation and design. Each product is thoughtfully created, and set to revolutionise the way customers perceive how contemporary jewellery marries art and tradition.


SK Jewellery has always worked with the most experienced craftsmen with artisanal jewellery-making skills, coupled with the newest technology to create never-before-seen, ground-breaking jewellery collections.


Designed with contemporary sensibilities, and with the modern woman in mind, each piece of jewellery tells a beautiful story, and becomes an essential part in her life.


With direct sourcing of materials without the middleman, SK Jewellery is able to offer products of the best quality and value.

The Leader of Pure Gold

As the industry leader in 999 Pure Gold jewellery, SK Jewellery boldly combines art and tradition, using state-of-the-art technology with immaculate craftsmanship to create the most stunning 999 Pure Gold jewellery pieces and collectibles available in the market today. With its immensely popular 999 Pure Gold Bridal collection and creative gift collections, the jeweller has revived great interest in the precious metal, and re-defined the art of gifting with its intricate jewellery that is conceptualised with inspirational stories behind each and every piece. Made to be loved, cherished and passed on for generations, each SK Jewellery piece is truly Beautifully Crafted, Meaningfully Told.

A member of SK Jewellery Group

SK Jewellery Pte Ltd. is a subsidiary of SK Jewellery Group, a public listed company in Singapore. Established since 2003, SK Jewellery is the largest jewellery retail chain store in Singapore with presence across Malaysia.

SK Jewellery Group Ltd was founded in 1991 and has an established presence of over 20 years in Singapore and over a decade in Malaysia. Headquartered in Singapore, the corporate functions include research and design, direct sourcing, logistics, training, branding and the group’s retail businesses.

Awards & Accolades


Dylan Pang

Went into the store with only intentions of browsing for my wedding gold. Candy was attentive and quick to came over to serve me. She was very patient and professional despite our indecisiveness. She got to know our preferences first before suggesting items to us. She made our difficult process of choosing a pleasant and wonderful one. 5 stars to her service! Will definitely come back to buy from her in future and recommend friends ????????

Olivia Wee

Aylwin Yee served us and it was excellent. He showed us the star carat diamond range (lab grown diamonds) and shared about them so well that I changed my mind about lab grown diamonds. Aylwin helped me to see that these are more value for money than mined diamonds. He also helped me to explore my preferred style of ring and gave constructive suggestions on how I can maximise the value of what I am paying for. Highly recommend!

Jocelyn Chye

Was served by Favian to choose our engagement ring as well as wedding rings. Having shopped around a lot, my fiance and I were quite overwhelmed and rather weary already. However, Favian was very patient and professional showing us different rings to find the one most suitable for us. He was also very friendly and had great customer service! We decided to get our rings from him as he was not pushy like some other jewellery sales personnel, and genuinely wanted the best for us. Would definitely go back to him for other jewellery in future. Thank you, Favian, for the exceptional service!

Dani D

Louis Phua is an excellent customer service provider. He is very knowledgeable in his field with his many years of service. His desposition is always such a delight. He never fails to answer all of my questions and is always ready and very patient to go the extra mile in his services. He is also very honest and gives advice if you have any questions. I love the Star Carat Diamond range that he recommended and fell in love with it. Thank you Louis so much for your time and patience!

Eddie Yeou

I was served by a very good staff, Esther Lau. She is very enthusiastic and makes me feel at home. Good product knowledge, great service. I bought the Star Carat diamond necklace. Good clarity and nice cut and sparkle. Excellent experience in sk jewellery

Ismail Nazri Kamdani

Louis was very friendly. He recognised the engagement ring we bought 12 years ago and helped to clean our rings. We settled on the new purchase within minutes. He wasn’t pushy but very assuring. We actually just wanted to window shop because our anniversary isn’t until next month, but his assistance made us convinced to purchase on the spot. Thank you!

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