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Get Styled & Studded

Transform your look with our expert ear-piercing services.

A tailored piercing experience

Consult our SK Jewellery consultants for personalised positioning advice tailored to your unique ear shape. As a start, many customers have their first piercing on their earlobe. Of course, one can have more than one ear-piercings.

Our ear-piercing package

There are 2 materials to choose from: Stainless Steel and 18K Gold. The ear-piercing service is FREE with any purchase of our ear-piercing studs. Not only are you purchasing the service, the package entitles you to a FREE aftercare-kit specially curated for a quick recovery, and a soft toy for the little brave ones. Choose SK Jewellery and get your ears professionally pierced now!

Aftercare tips

The crucial step in the ear-piercing process is aftercare. Our consultant will offer detailed instructions on the methods to care for your fresh piercing, along with a complimentary aftercare kit to take home. A follow-up appointment can be scheduled if necessary.

Ready to Book?

If you are looking for a safe ear-piercing service, SK Jewellery is able to provide just that. Our staff has gone through hours of professional training to ensure a painless experience for you. Children are also welcome to pierce their ears with us. Join the many who already did and get your ears reliably pieced at SK Jewellery now. Visit any SK Jewellery showroom for a consultation now!


1. Does ear-piercing hurt?

Our SK Jewellery consultants are professionally trained to perform the piercing, making it virtually pain-free.

2. Do you provide ear-piercing for children below 16?

Yes, we do. Children below 16 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian or have obtained parental written consent.

3. Do you provide ear-piercing for infants?

Ear-piercing is available for infants above the age of 2 months old. Please consult any of our consultants to ensure that your child is ready for ear piercing.

4. Do I need to make an appointment for ear-piercing?

You may walk into any of our showrooms to get your ears pierced. However, an appointment must be made in advance for simultaneous ear piercing.

5. How much does the ear-piercing cost?

Piercing service is complimentary with any purchase of our ear-piercing studs. As we have different designs and materials, we recommend that you visit any of our showrooms to inquire more.

6. My previous piercings have closed, can I still re-pierce?

Yes. Once the previous piercings have fully closed, we are able to pierce.

7. Is it safe to pierce?

Our piercing stations and tools are sterilised after each use. The piercing studs that come into contact with your earlobes are vacuum-packed and enclosed inside disposable cartridges. Therefore, there is no need to worry about cross-contamination.

8. How long do I need to keep the piercing studs on?

The initial healing period takes about 2 months before you can replace the studs. After the initial healing period, you may switch to other ear studs available in our showroom. You may view more designs here.