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Available in assorted designs for every occasion, SK Jewellery offers a fine selection of earrings in Singapore. Select from a wide array of coloured gemstones, diamonds, silver, pearl or precious gold, and choose among a selection of studs as well as huggies, dangling and hoop earrings for women.
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1. What is the ideal carat weight for diamond stud earrings?

If you’re looking for diamond studs for everyday wear, consider choosing simple and smaller diamond studs (between 0.25 to 1-carat weight). But if you’re looking for gorgeous diamond earrings to wear on special occasions or statement pieces to dangle your ears with, you could go for a more luxurious pair that is over the 1-carat weight.

2. How do I know the value of a coloured gemstone?

The 4Cs determine the value of all stones, including diamonds and other coloured gemstones. Representing cut, clarity, colour and carat, these 4Cs serve as a guide to the quality of a stone you find on your favourite studs and earrings.

When considering the stone’s colour, the three factors to note are hue, saturation and tone. The hue refers to the colour of the stone. While gemstones may carry one or more colours, the more valuable ones carry a single colour.

As for saturation, this factor focuses on the intensity of the colour. Ranging from light to vivid, the preferred saturation would be a more vivid intensity that signals a rarer gemstone. Lastly, the tone refers to the tint of the stone – how light or dark it’s shade is. A more precious gemstone shines more brilliantly when away from direct light. Whether you go for dangling earrings or hoop alternatives, you’ll be able to find a pair of coloured gemstones to adorn your ears here at SK Jewellery Singapore.

3. What do the various gemstones signify?
  • Diamond
    As the hardest substance on earth, diamonds have been labelled as the everlasting symbol of love. Whether you’re looking for bridal jewellery, anniversary gifts, or a piece that celebrates any special occasion, diamonds are the top choice for earrings.
  • Jade
    This lovely gem has been attached to wealth and nobility, and traditionally considered by the people of Southeast Asia as a lucky stone. Jewellery with jade gemstones will appeal to those looking for a boost of fortune.
  • Pearl
    Standing as a sign of wisdom, loyalty and purity, a pair of dainty pearl earrings offers any woman an elegant look.
  • Blue topaz
    Coming from the Greek word ‘topazion’, topaz refers to fire and has been traditionally seen as a symbol of protection and affection.
  • Amethyst
    The brilliant purple hue of the amethyst gemstone offers calming energy and is attached to ideas of understanding, trust and serenity.
4. Which gold is best suited for my sensitive ears?

If you have sensitive ears, it’s best to avoid gold earrings made of 14K or lower. That’s because these choices have a lower percentage of pure gold, but are mixed with other metals that you could be sensitive or allergic to. As a rule of thumb, consider gold earrings that are above 14K, such as 999 Pure Gold earrings.

A must-have in your jewellery box, earrings can be a great way to dress up your outfit. SK Jewellery offers a fine selection of earrings in Singapore with designs available in gold, silver, diamond and more. From studs to dangling earrings, shop for your favourite styles at SK Jewellery. Finding the perfect pair of earrings has never been so simple.

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