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1-for-1 Wedding Bands

Enjoy 1-for-1 wedding bands from $899/pair. Book an appointment to find the perfect match for you.

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A female hand wearing a diamond ring and wedding band A female hand wearing a diamond ring and wedding band

Wedding Bands for Her

Sweep her off her feet with the exquisite designs of our unique wedding bands, made especially for your forever love. Discover our wide range of stunning, modern, and simple, classic wedding bands to represent a lifetime of harmonious union and bliss
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A male hand wearing a wedding band A male hand wearing a wedding band

Wedding Bands for Him

Celebrate your timeless love and charm him with our customised wedding band. Choose from a broad selection of men’s wedding band designs featuring affordable platinum wedding bands as well as stunning diamonds to commemorate your special day.
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Ring Size Guide

Check out our ring size guide to help determine the perfect ring size for you and your partner.
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At SK Jewellery, we commit to creating a fuss-free ring journey for you. Providing a complimentary* resizing service for engagement rings and wedding bands of select styles and designs, you do not have to fret even if your ring isn’t a perfect fit the first time round!

If you wish to find out more about resizing, book an appointment with us or pop by any of our SK Jewellery Showrooms for assistance.

*Note: Complimentary ring resizing applies only for up to 3 ring sizes for selected designs. For more information, please reach out to us on our Live Chat.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Bands

1. Why is the wedding band worn on the ring finger?

According to tradition, the fourth finger on our left hand is believed to have a vein that leads directly to one’s heart, thus making matching wedding bands with your beloved and wearing it on the ring finger is treated as a lasting sign of commitment to your sacred union. Although the vein of love has been proven to be merely a myth, this practice still continues till this day.

2. What is the third ring worn by couples?

The more common rings bought by couples are the engagement ring and wedding band, however, in recent years, a third ring is rising in popularity and that is the anniversary ring.

Typically worn stacked with your wedding band and engagement ring, anniversary bands symbolise and celebrate the commitment you have made with your partner for the years to come.

For instance, a simple gold ring represents the first anniversary and can be worn with your wedding band to create a classic look that celebrates your love. Whereas the 10th anniversary is commemorated with a beautiful diamond ring for a longer journey shared in love and dedication.

Shop our exquisite range of diamond rings and wedding bands online or visit any of our stores to find out more.

3. How early should I purchase my wedding bands?

It is ideal to begin searching for the perfect wedding bands in Singapore, as soon as they’ve said yes! However, we do recommend obtaining the rings at least three to four months before the big day as it will provide you ample time to consider resizing them or have them customised.

Read our blog to find out why you should prioritise your search for a wedding band as soon as possible.

4. How do I find out my significant other’s ring size?

There are a couple of ways to uncover your significant other’s ring size. Some ideas include stealthily checking their everyday ring jewellery or asking their family members for help.

Alternatively, SK Jewellery offers a highly accurate way to find your partner’s ring size  by gifting all our customers a free ring sizer. Our ring sizer is easy to use – you can simply wrap it around their finger to find out their size, before buying a wedding band or engagement ring that would fit them perfectly.

Check out our ring size guide for more information.