Why You Should Prioritise Finding The Perfect Wedding Band

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, but the excitement and anticipation make it all worth it as the both of you are starting the next chapter of your lives together. There could be a million things to do and your to-do list may seem endless, but one important aspect you should take your time with is choosing your wedding bands.

Amid the busyness, you might feel like pushing this task aside until the last minute to start looking for your wedding bands, but you shouldn’t rush through this process! Your wedding bands are not only special mementos of your big day, but also tangible representations of your love and commitment to each other. Below, we share some tips to help you make this significant and meaningful purchase.

Do your research

Wedding Bands, Gold Wedding Bands Singapore

Similar to choosing an engagement ring, doing your homework beforehand will make a difference in your shopping experience as you have the knowledge to make better buying decisions. Give yourselves at least a month or two to start browsing online and in jewellery stores. Take a look at social media or the Internet to find inspiration.

While there are countless of designs out there, pay attention to the kinds of rings the both of you gravitate toward. Which metals do you prefer? Are you including any stones on the bands? Do you like a more simple or elaborate “couple style” rings?

If you do decide on diamonds, familiarise yourself with the 4Cs to pick the best diamond for your buck. Consider your lifestyle too – if you plan to wear your ring every day, you will want a ring that is practical and very comfortable. If ornate styles and intricate detailing are more important on your ring, you might only want to wear it on special occasions.

Decide on a budget

It is always a good idea to set a budget when purchasing fine jewellery, so you will know what your options are and the quality you can expect. Make sure to budget your wedding bands into the rest of your wedding expenses.

Prices can vary widely depending on the ring designs, from the type of metal used to the carat weight of the diamond. Since this is a significant purchase that will last for many years to come, you’d want to make sure you are getting the best wedding bands that suit both of your tastes and preferences.

Momento Duo-Tone Infinity Wedding Band

Wedding Bands, Gold Wedding Bands Singapore

Made from 18K Gold, the duo-tone design represents two individuals coming together and overcoming every challenge as a couple. This ring for her is beautifully lined with diamonds to signify beauty and commitment.

Momento Classic Rose Gold Wedding Band

Wedding Bands, Gold Wedding Bands Singapore

This wedding band takes simplicity up a notch to keep things classy and timeless. Made from 14K Gold, it features small centre diamonds which are perfect for the woman who loves a touch of sparkle.

Eternal Bliss White Gold Wedding Band

Wedding Bands, Gold Wedding Bands Singapore

Celebrate a lifetime of love and bliss with this 14K White Gold diamond ring. Lined with a row of diamonds around half the band, you can also pair this beautifully with your diamond engagement ring after the wedding for an eye-catching look.

To match or not to match

Wedding Bands, Gold Wedding Bands Singapore

Historically, wedding bands were created as sets to honour a partnership. As time passes and traditions evolve, the meaning stayed – but there are no hard rules that dictate your wedding bands have to match.

Given the endless band options out there – from gold, silver and diamonds, to titanium, ceramic and tungsten – and everyone’s individual fashion sense, it can be hard for couples to agree on everything. Your ring choice should reflect your own style; in fact, mismatched weddings bands perfectly encapsulate two people coming into a partnership to share their lives together.

Have some fun together

Amid all the hectic wedding planning activity, try to make your shopping experience together special and enjoyable. Browse in a few different stores, take your time to weigh your options, and discuss it over a nice lunch or dinner. The sooner you start the process, the more relaxed and romantic the experience can be.

After all, the both of you are choosing what is most likely to be the most enduring symbol of your love and bond. It will be even more special to look back on this time and remember the moments you shared together when picking out your wedding bands.

Momento One and Only Wedding Band

Wedding Bands, Gold Wedding Bands Singapore

Putting a twist on a classic flat band, this ring features an edge ridge design for that masculine touch. Crafted from 18K Gold, it is designed for men who prefer a timeless look.

Momento Infinity of Love Wedding Band

Wedding Bands, Gold Wedding Bands Singapore

Understated and elegant, celebrate eternal love with this 18K White Gold wedding band. Featuring a mix of matte and glossy finish, the swirl styling adds an interesting fluid effect to a classic ring design, fit for any modern man.

Romanzo Love Swirl Wedding Band

Wedding Bands, Gold Wedding Bands Singapore

If your man loves his diamonds, this 18K Gold wedding band features an elegant array of diamonds set in platinum. Combined with the rose gold texture, the ring offers a tastefully modern look.

Final thoughts

Your wedding band carries sentimental value, represents your personality and symbolises your love – it would make sense to prioritise your hunt for the perfect ring as part of your wedding planning. And just like with other wedding-related choices, your ring should always be the best reflection of you.

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