We help companies show appreciation and manage relationships
through a step-by-step gifting experience specially designed for corporations.

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How do I get started?

You may start by getting in touch with us, either fill up the form, email [email protected] or give us a call 1800 755-3935 and we will be in touch within the next working day.

If I’m not buying for a business, can I still customise gifts?

Most certainly, we welcome all customers. Just get in touch with us. If you’re looking for a single gift, we recommend you browsing our new arrivals.

Can I add company branding to my gifts?

You may add company branding and design to gift that are customisable, however, in terms of placement, it depends on the type of design and material that are eventually agreed on. Just reach out to us via filling up the form, email [email protected] or call 1800 755-3935.

Which products are available for customisation?

We have a showcase of collections that you can pick and choose to customise. If you prefer to customise from scratch, we have a team of designers who would be able to guide you along the process. Have a chat with us to have an idea on what can be done.

Would you have a catalogue for preview?

We would much prefer to have a chat with you, understand your needs and share our capabilities. This process would enable you to have a gift that serves your needs while making it unique to you.

Do you have ready stocks to purchase for my business?

Depending on the quantity, we do have quite a selection for you to choose from. We suggest you start by browsing our Eshop and identify the type of products that might suit your needs, email [email protected] or call 1800 755-3935 for us to facilitate your enquiries.

Is there a MOQ?

It depends on the eventual product you have decided to order. For one-of-a-kind items, and to optimise cost efficiency, a MOQ is usually recommended. Nonetheless, have a chat with us for us to advise better.

Can I order a sample or proof before committing to a MOQ?

We offer a digital mock-up or if you prefer, a prototype without customisation or customised with a sample company logo and artwork. However, this depends on your timeline. Do note that to view a prototype, this would have an impact on the production lead time.

How does customisation impact lead time?

This depends on the complexity of the design and material agreed on. As each product varies, it’s best you have a chat with us to get a better gauge on the lead time.

Can you ship to multiple addresses?

Let us know in advance and we would likely be able to facilitate.

What is your processing and turnaround time?

Processing time varies depending on the type of products that is agreed upon. Do have a chat with us via email [email protected] or call 1800 755-3935 for us to better advise you.

Can items be exchanged?

Orders are not eligible for return once the order has been confirmed.

Can items be returned?

Gifts are not eligible for return once recipient has confirmed the order.

What payment methods/terms do you accept?

We accept most modes of payment. For credit terms option, do have a chat with us.

Can I purchase corporate vouchers?

Most certainly so, let us know the denomination and quantity and we shall take care of the rest.