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Whether you are planning to get a diamond ring for yourself or are looking for an engagement ring in Singapore, determining your actual ring finger size can be daunting. SK Jewellery’s ring size guide is here to help you achieve your diamond ring dreams without any worries.

Engagement ring Find your Measurement with our Ring Size Chart


Our ring sizer works just like a belt in determining your actual ring finger size. Simply form a loop around your finger and push one end through the buckle. Slip the ring sizer through your finger and adjust it until it fits perfectly. Make sure it fits snugly and is able to slip through the knuckle of that finger comfortably. Lastly, read off the size from our Ring Size Chart to determine your ring size. With the help of our ring sizer guide, it will be much easier to find the correct fit for your diamond ring, engagement ring, or wedding band.


Our ring size chart is suitable for both men and ladies, with easy-to-follow instructions on getting the right diameter measurements of your ring finger. Sizes provided reflect the Hong Kong sizing convention, which is the standard convention in most Asian countries. However, we also have an international conversion chart to assist you in finding the exact right fit.

Ring Size Chart


While using a ring sizer tool is the most accurate method, there are alternatives available if you don’t have one at hand. If you already own a ring that fits
your finger properly, you can use it as a reference using our Ring Size Chart. If you do not have fitting rings, fret not!
Watch our life hack video and follow these steps to DIY and accurately measure your ring size without a ring sizer tool, using the string or paper method.

If you’re still in doubt, you can head down to our SK Jewellery Showrooms at your convenience and get your ring size measured professionally by our
experts. They can guide you through the process and provide valuable insights to ensure the perfect fit.

guide on finding the right ring size helpful tips for finding the right ring size

Helpful Tips & Tricks

1. Cold conditions can cause your fingers to shrink up to half a size, so it is best to take your ring size measurement at normal room temperature.

2. Alcohol and salt can cause your fingers to swell, so it is best to avoid consuming these before measuring your ring size.

3. Our dominant hand is usually slightly larger, so make sure to measure the exact finger that you wish to wear the ring on, for maximum accuracy.

4. The best time to measure your finger is at the end of the day, as our finger tends to change its size throughout the day.

5. When your knuckle is bigger than the base of your finger, it is best to measure both before picking a size that is in between the two.

6. Measure your ring size 3-4 times against our chart to make sure you get the correct fit!


A helpful method if you are surprising someone with a ring is to measure an existing ring of theirs. Here are the steps:

  1. Choose a ring that already fits their finger well. It is recommended that you choose a ring that is often worn by them without complaints.
  2. Measure the interior diameter of the ring in millimeters (mm).
  3. Use the ring size chart above to match the actual size of their ring to the closest SK Jewellery size in mm.

While this method is ideal for purchasing a ring as a gift for a loved one, you can also use this as an alternative option to measuring your ring size.

Here at SK Jewellery, we offer a curated selection of unique engagement rings, wedding bands, gold rings, and more. Using only the highest-quality and premium materials, discover our collection of rings in various designs to complement your choice of style.



We provide complimentary* resizing for diamond rings, engagement rings, and wedding bands – depending on the type of style and design. If you wish to find out more about resizing, book an appointment with us to find out more, or pop by any of our SK Jewellery Showrooms in Singapore for assistance.

*Note: Complimentary ring resizing is applicable only up to 3 ring sizes for selected designs. For more information, please reach out to our Live Chat.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ring Size Charts and Guides

Are Singaporean ring size charts the same as international ring size charts?

Ring size charts can vary as they are based on the average finger diameters of men and ladies in a specific country or region. Our ring size measurement chart and guide is based on Hong Kong standard sizing which is the default standard in most Asian countries, including Singapore.

To help you find the best fit for your unique ring finger, our ring size chart includes international conversions so you can convert any known ring size to SK Jewellery’s range of ring sizes. Find your dream diamond ring, engagement ring, wedding bands, and more at SK Jewellery.

My ring size measurement is in between two sizes on your chart – should I size it up or down?

While we offer a wide range of ring sizes across our collections, it’s still very common for your actual ring size measurement to fall in between two sizes on our chart. If this is the case, you should order the larger size. This is primarily for safety reasons so that you don’t experience your ring getting stuck on your finger.

You can also book an in-person consultation with us to have your ring finger measured at our Showrooms.

Where can I buy a ring resizer tool?

You may get a ring resizer tool from us, complimentary with your purchase.

Book an appointment with us to find out more information about resizing your rings.