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Made with Passion

We believe passion is what brings us together. Passion is what unites us, to create reality out of dreams. SK Jewellery is proud to be a Made with Passion Brand. As part of a curated list of Singaporean household names that breathe and grow our passion, we continue to embark on our mission to make every woman shine.


The linchpin of our jewellery pieces start with passion. The passion to make every household thrive with joy, to be the cornerstone of achievements and celebrations. Achieved only through a combination of imaginative artistry, drive, and technical craftsmanship.


Embodying the Singaporean ethos of excellence, quality, and uniqueness. Each piece of jewellery is meticulously created with an uncompromising commitment to excellence. To refine their practice, our master craftsmen embraces and incorporates cutting edge technology into their art. Our designers collaborate closely with them to conceptualize a piece of jewellery, which is then made into reality by utilizing a blend of age old techniques and modern technologies.


Born out of a dream to open a goldsmith shop, the Lim family siblings can never dream how far of a journey they have come. While the business has grown, the same belief and principle remains - to serve each customer with utmost sincerity and happiness. Just as our Singaporean breathenhood, each customer is treated like family.


A badge of recognition that recognizes our enthusiasm for excellence. The Made with Passion brand mark will be used on our brand's products, packaging, and stores. Together, our local lifestyle brands unite to express a multitude of dreams and make Singapore the uniquely rich vibrant society it is.

Our Designer Collections - Made with Passion

National Day Special

To commemorate the unity of our country battling the Covid-19 pandemic, we released the exclusive "Together We Care" gold coin and orchid gold bar during National Day. A tribute that the battles fought, and hope to come.

Bridal Secret Garden

Designed to captivate the experience of walking into a glorious garden bursting with life, each jewellery is intricately crafted to unveil a universe of feelings and meaning. A destiny to spark love, a perfect piece to bless a marriage.
Borrowing inspiration from the notion that amidst a sky full of stars, there is always the Numero Uno. The one twinkling star that outshines the rest. This is the emblem of the AllStar diamond, the first US-Patent 101 facet cut diamond that exudes unrivalled light performance.


What is the Made with Passion Initiative?

A national initiative by the Singapore Brand Office (SGBO) and the Singapore Tourism Board, the Made With Passion symbol is a mark of recognition that celebrates SK Jewellery’s vivid expressions of dedication and zeal, passionate innovations of timeless jewellery, and deep roots to the brilliant heritage of our little red dot.

How does SK Jewellery project the Made with Passion mark?

A homegrown jewellery house beloved for our meaningful marriage of contemporary and tradition, SK Jewellery’s innovative craftsmanship birth expressive cultures and stories through each opulent piece that follows, and lives the brand’s passion. Three decades on, SK Jewellery continues to transform dreams into reality and guide every woman on the journey of discovering their deserved spotlight — in Singapore and even well beyond.

What is the process behind the exquisite pieces that helm SK Jewellery?

Boasting the revitalising synergy between age-old traditions and the newest, state-of-the-art technology, our repertoire of artistic designs is brought to life by the hands of the most gifted craftsmen with artisanal jewellery-making skills. Every material is directly and organically sourced without a third party — a true mark of SK Jewellery’s relentless enthusiasm, and ideals in our craft. Each piece of SK Jewellery’s thoughtful designs to become an essential part of any modern woman’s life.

What are some of the heritage pieces crafted by SK Jewellery?

SK Jewellery presents a nod to time-cherished national symbols through what we pride ourselves most in — exquisitely crafted Pure Gold memorabilia. From a charming 916 gold rendition of our national bloom to a 999 pure gold bar that depicts fine details of our transformation journey from a kampong to a cosmopolitan cityscape — all of which inspired by true-blue Singaporean motifs meant to be passed on for generations to come.