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Offering lasting beauty without the ethical obligations, we spare no efforts in ensuring the quality of our lab grown diamonds. As they gradually enter the mainstream market for engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity bands in Singapore, we want to provide you with only the best.  

What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

A lab grown diamond possesses qualities that are chemically, physically and optically identical to that of natural diamonds mined from the earth. The only difference between the two is the origin. A lab grown diamond, as the name suggests, is grown in a laboratory using state-of-the-art technology that replicates the natural diamond growing process.

Lab Grown Diamonds vs Mined Diamonds

As lab-grown diamonds possess the same chemical, physical and optical properties as natural diamonds mined from the earth, they are essentially the same as mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are graded by independent gemological laboratories that grade earth-extracted diamonds. Hence, lab grown diamonds undergo the same stringent grading procedure and criteria as mined diamonds. The only difference lies in their market price, as well as their origin.

How are Lab Diamonds Grown?

Through intense replication of heat and pressure conditions found on earth which causes the carbon to crystallize into a diamond. This allows new carbon crystals to build upon the diamond seed, creating a larger diamond. Star Carat Diamonds are grown using the Chemical Vapour Deposition process grows with the help of vacuum plasma reactors. The diamond seed is placed in a sealed chamber while hydrocarbon gas is injected into the reactor. It is then heated to approximately 800 degrees celsius, where the gases are ionised into plasma. High power microwaves break the molecular bonds in the gases, where the pure carbon precipitates onto the diamond plates before gradually crystallizing.

Benefits of Lab Grown Diamond

Mined diamond may be a celebration of Mother Nature's creation, but lab grown diamond is the more sustainable and environmental-friendly choice. Without the need for mining and extraction from the ground, one can now own a bigger and shinier diamond at lower monetary, humanitarian and environmental cost.


Mined diamonds have a lengthier supply chain that necessitates more intensive labour for the mining process. Comparatively, lab grown diamonds requires less labour and lower costs of production.

Despite having equivalent shine and brilliance, lab grown diamonds do not share the same hefty price tag as their mined counterpart and one can easily purchase a bigger brighter diamond at a more affordable price.

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Our lab grown diamonds are as real as natural diamonds mined from the earth. They possess identical visual characteristics, physical attributes and chemical structure as natural diamonds, thus are graded according to the same criteria as natural diamonds.

However, they are not naturally formed or mined from the earth. Instead, they are produced under precise controlled conditions in laboratories, using state-of-the-art technology to mimic the growing process of natural diamond.

While mined diamonds may be a celebration of Mother Nature’s creation, lab grown diamonds are definitely a milestone for human advancement. Not only can lab grown diamonds be created in different sizes, melee and carats, producers are also able to offer lab grown coloured diamonds with your desired cut.

Additionally, less energy is required to form lab grown diamonds under controlled conditions than to unearth natural diamonds from deep within Earth. Compared to the immense environmental impact caused by the mining of natural diamonds, producing lab grown diamonds is much less detrimental overall with a lower carbon footprint, making this the perfect diamond for the contemporary ethical shopper.

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This essential difference in origin allows lab grown diamonds to be manufactured much faster than the eons required by mined diamonds. While maintaining that same lustre as a jewel to behold, lab grown diamonds are thus not only more affordable but also a much more sustainable alternative.


Our Star Carat lab grown diamonds are made through closely replicating the heat and pressure conditions found on earth using the Chemical Vapour Deposition process.

These processes begin with a diamond seed that is placed in a sealed chamber with hydrocarbon gas being injected into the reactor. The chamber is then heated to approximately 800 degrees Celcius, causing gases to ionise into plasma. As high power microwaves break the molecular bonds in the gases, pure carbon will precipitate onto the diamond plates before gradually crystalizing. Thus, enabling new carbon crystals to form layer by layer around the diamond seed until the ideal carat weight is attained.