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Because one is never enough. Give the gift of eternal love with a diamond ring from SK Jewellery. A diamond is forever – it is the symbol of your love, unmatched in its beauty and brilliance. With styles for every budget, we make it easy to find the perfect ring for the special woman in your life. Browse our exquisite collection of natural mined and lab grown diamond rings for women today!

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When you give a diamond ring, you’re giving the most precious gift of all. For centuries, couples have exchanged rings as a sign of their unity, pledging their hearts and lives to each other. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, renewing your vows, or simply telling that special someone how much you love them, a diamond ring is the perfect way to say it all.

Trust is the foundation of any lasting relationship, and diamonds will always symbolise the unshakeable bond between two hearts, representing a shining example of commitment and reliability. With a ring as beautiful and timeless as a diamond, your love will be too.


Strong and resilient – these qualities are what links a diamond and any modern day woman together. With its sleek lines and contemporary curves, a dazzling diamond ring is the epitome of contemporary sophistication and the perfect choice for women who want a ring that’s both stylish and timeless.


From classic solitaires to modern designs with intricate details, our diamond ring collection has something for everyone. Each of our white gold and rose gold rings is hand-selected for its exceptional quality and stunning beauty, making every one a unique work of art.

If you prefer white gold, consider the versatile Starlett Half Eternity Diamond Ring or classic Star Carat Starlight Diamond Ring. How about adding a pop of colour to your finger with our blue, flower-shaped Star Carat Bloom Blue Diamond Ring?

If you’re a fan of rose gold, you’ll fall in love with the dreamy Starry Night Sky Rose Gold Diamond Ring, alluring Flutter Heart Rose Gold Diamond Ring, and delicate Starry Rachel Rose Gold Diamond Ring. The warm pink hue of the rose gold complements the sparkling diamonds beautifully, creating a look that is both feminine and glamorous.

Alternatively, for individuals who cannot decide, enjoy the best of both worlds in the dual white and rose gold Crown Allstar Diamond Ring, Apex Allstar Diamond Ring, or Duet Allstar Diamond Ring.

Whatever your choice, give the gift of lasting beauty with a stunning diamond ring.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Diamond Rings

1. What are the different types of diamond rings available on SK Jewellery?

SK Jewellery has an extensive collection of diamond rings so you can easily shop by material, gold, and diamond type. Material-wise, we offer 10k14k, and 18k gold diamond rings; gold-wise, choose from white gold, rose gold, or a combination of both types of golds, and diamond-wise, we have natural mined and lab grown diamonds.

Not sure which type to choose? Visit us at any of our store locations to receive complimentary advice from our staff.

2. What’s the difference between a natural mined and lab grown diamond ring?

Natural mined diamonds are mined from the earth, while lab grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment. Both natural and lab grown diamond rings are made of carbon, and they have identical chemical and physical properties.

The key difference between them is their origin and price. Lab grown diamond rings are often less expensive than their natural counterparts, due to the fact that they can be produced on demand. However, it’s impossible to tell a natural and lab-grown diamond ring apart with the naked eye. The only way to tell the difference is through a specialised instrument. Read more about SK Jewellery’s lab grown diamond rings and find out how they are made.

3. What other jewellery are available on SK Jewellery other than diamond rings?

SK Jewellery has a comprehensive collection of jewellery pieces suited for your every need. Other than rings, we offer earrings, bangles and bracelets, charms, pendants and necklaces, chains, and gold products that come in 14K gold, 916 gold, and 999 gold.