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1. How is the purity of gold measured?

The purity of gold is measured in karats. Because one karat is 1/24th of pure gold by weight, 24 karat gold would be pure gold without any other metals mixed in.

Lower karatage indicate a smaller gold percentage. For example, 18 karat gold would indicate a composition of 75 per cent gold and 25 per cent other metals. These other metals would usually be copper.

SK Jewellery offers an entire range of gold jewellery, from 10K, 14K, 18K, 916 Gold and 999 Pure Gold.

2. What is 999 Pure Gold?

999 Gold refers to the purest form of gold, that has a gold content of 99.9%. It is otherwise known as 24K gold, mixed with only 0.1% other metals.

3. What is 916 Gold?

916 Gold refers to gold with a gold content of 91.6%. It is otherwise known as 22K gold, mixed with 8.4% other metals. Traditionally, 916 gold is great for making intricate jewellery as its alloy content allows it to be more durable.

4. Is 999 Pure Gold (24K) or 916 Gold (22K) better?

This would largely depend on the occasion and intention of your purchase, and how often you would like to wear it.

999 gold is the best choice for retention of value, making it ideal for collectibles. As a gift, it conveys the purest of blessings. However, due to having less alloys mixed in, 999 gold is softer. As such, jewellery designs made of 999 gold tend to be more traditional and matte, and it is not suitable for everyday wear as it dents easily. It is best for occasion-only pieces of jewellery, or as collectible gifts meant for display rather than constant handling.

While the value of 916 gold is not as high as 999 gold, it is still capable of retaining value with only 8.3% less gold purity. Due to the other metals its mixed with, it is more durable than 999 gold, making it capable of being crafted into intricate and exquisite designs. It has much better wearability for everyday and more contemporary designs, making it easier to match one’s everyday style.

5. Are SK Jewellery’s gold collectibles made out of pure gold?

SK Jewellery carries a variety of gold collectibles. Unless specifically stated otherwise, our gold bars, coins and jewellery are made of 999 pure gold.

For our gold figurines collection, they are plated in 999 pure gold.

6. Does SK Jewellery offer buy-back or trade-in for gold products?

While we do not offer cash back, we do allow for trade-in for our 916 and 999 pure gold products based on gold weight. If you would like to upgrade your gold items, kindly bring your items and physical tax invoice to any of our outlets to find out more.

7. Are SK Jewellery’s gold jewellery pawnable?

Our gold bars, coins, and jewellery made from 916 and 999 pure gold can be pawned based on their gold weight. On the gold worth per gram, this would depend on the pawnshop’s specific store practices and policies.