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999 Pure Gold Bangles, Pendants & Other Jewellery in Singapore

Natural and timeless, gold is always treasured by cultures all over the world for its beauty, strength, and value. Whether you're looking for classic jewellery or a contemporary piece, we've got you covered over here at SK Jewellery with our 999 pure gold collection.

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999 gold, also known as 24-karat (24k) gold, is the highest purity of gold commercially available. Widely coveted for its rarity and beauty, it is 99.9% pure and mixed with only 0.1% other metals. The deep yellow hue of 999 gold has long been associated with wealth, luxury, and power. It is the colour of the sun and stands for warmth, vitality, and wisdom. Whether you choose a stunning necklace or a pair of elegant earrings, you can be sure that your gold jewellery will stand the test of time. 


We offer an extensive range of pure 999 gold jewellery. 

Delight in the simple beauty of gold neck jewellery, such as chains, pendants, and necklaces. Choose the adorable Baby Bear 999 Pure Gold Pendant suitable for children, or the Little Shou Shen 999 Gold Pendant suitable for adults. With their intricate designs and stunning finishes, these pieces are simply exquisite.  

Prefer to have some arm jewellery instead?  Consider getting our 999 pure gold  bangles, bracelets, and rings.

Add a little yellow sparkle to your everyday look with our gold rings like the simple yet stylish Sandblasted Matte 999 Pure Gold Halo Ring or the joyous Happy 999 Pure Gold Ring. Colourful pixiu bracelets are also available, such as the white 999 Pure Gold Affluence Clear Crystal Pixiu Bracelet, amethyst 999 Pure Gold Ingot Amethyst Pixiu Bracelet, and 999 Pure Gold Fortune Pixiu Bracelet.   

A must-have for any true collector, our gold collectibles are sure to inspire and delight. Gold is known for its rarity and collectability, making it a prized possession for collectors who wish to make wise investments that retain their values over time. Fortune Pineapple 999 Pure Gold Figurine, Wealth and Prosperity Abacus 999 Pure Gold , and the Golden Blessing 0.1G 999 Pure Gold Bar serve as impressive display pieces. Or how about something smaller like the Brilliant Tiger Keychain 999 Gold Coin? Whatever your choice, you can easily find your personal gold collectible that will inspire you every day. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our 999 Pure Gold Bangles, Pendants & Other Jewellery

1. How do I care for my 999 pure gold jewellery?

With constant use, your gold jewellery may start to dull in colour. Follow these steps to make them look as good as new again:

  1. Soak your gold jewellery in a lukewarm bowl of water mixed with soap.
  2. Clean the jewellery gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  4. Dry the jewellery with a lint-free cloth or leave it to air-dry.

For more details, take a look at our jewellery care guide on how to care for your gold jewellery, whether it is your pendant necklace, ring, or bracelet.

2. What’s the difference between 999 gold and 916 gold?

The difference between 999 gold and 916 gold is the percentage of pure gold in the alloy. 999 gold is 99.9% gold, while 916 gold is 91.6% gold.

If you’re not sure which type of gold jewellery to choose, consider visiting us at any of our stores in Singapore to receive complimentary advice from our staff.

3. What other jewellery materials does SK Jewellery have other than 999 pure gold?

SK Jewellery provides high-quality jewellery at competitive prices, and our collections are designed to appeal to a wide range of customers. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, a gift for a special occasion, or simply a beautiful piece of jewellery to add to your collection, we are sure to have something to suit your needs.

Our gold collection includes 916 gold as well as white and rose gold. You may also consider our diamond, jadepearl, and gemstones jewellery.