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With an exquisite range of pearl jewellery and necklaces that features traditional designs as well as new, modern takes to choose from, join us in reimagining this timeless classic. From minimalist pearl pendants on a silver chain to elegant pearl and crystal necklaces for weddings and other bold occasions, we offer pearl jewellery in a wide range of styles at competitive affordable prices.

SK Jewellery’s Heart Of Pearl puts a modern spin on a classic full pearl necklace with an irradiant heart framed in yellow gold. Designed to enhance the elegance and splendour of the freshwater pearls, the rich sheen of gold exudes sophistication, complementing your outfit seamlessly and accentuating your feminine charms.

While pearl necklaces may be traditionally associated with more matured women, SK Jewellery’s Melissa Pearl Pendant weaves modernity and class into a row of cubic zirconia crystals – making it a timeless accessory for women regardless of age.

From pearl earrings to pearl necklaces, SK Jewellery continually strives to maintain the most stringent quality and aesthetic standards established through years of craftsmanship. Every piece of jewellery is a result of our commitment to the highest quality and unrivalled luxury. Shop our curated selection of lustrous pearl necklaces and other jewellery today!


1. What are freshwater pearls?

Known and loved for their unusual colours, organic shapes, and modest price points, freshwater pearls, especially cultured ones, have won the hearts of many pearl and jewellery shoppers. At SK Jewellery, we use Shima pearls. Our natural freshwater pearls are oval, baroque, and exquisitely lustrous. Our elegant product lineup includes freshwater pearl earrings, necklaces, and pendants that will satisfy your needs for enduring jewelry.

2. What is the difference between saltwater and freshwater pearls?

Freshwater pearls are grown in mussels that live in saline-free water such as lakes and rivers. Saltwater pearls are grown in oysters in saline water such as oceans and seas. Beyond that, pearls can be further classified into two major groups: natural pearls and cultured pearls.

Natural pearls are pearls that form in nature with no human intervention. These are costlier in nature as they are rarer to harvest and take a much longer time to form. In comparison, cultured pearls are grown in pearl farms, where humans create the right circumstances for the pearl to grow to the optimal size. Factors like the depth of nacre coating, type of water in the mollusks’ habitat and duration of time until pearls are harvested, are all carefully considered and controlled by pearl farmers to produce high quality pearls.

For SK Jewellery’s collection of pearl jewellery like wedding pearl necklaces or earrings, only freshwater pearls are used. If you are curious about them, feel free to check out our collection online or visit any of our retail stores in Singapore to experience their luminous lustre in real life!

3. What other jewellery is available on SK Jewellery other than pearl necklaces?

SK Jewellery boasts an exquisite selection of jewellery pieces that caters to the needs of our discerning customers. Besides pearl necklaces and earrings, we carry brilliant diamond jewellery and luscious gold products that come in different grades, from 14K gold to 916 gold and 999 gold. Do visit our website for more details!