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Pendants & Necklaces

Discover our stunning collection of diamond necklaces, gem necklaces and gold necklaces at SK Jewellery in Singapore, with alluring designs fit for every style and occasion.
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Necklaces refer to jewellery that is worn around the neck with a pendant on a chain. Whereas, chains alone are considered a subset of necklaces that are relatively thicker and can be worn on their own.

Necklaces also often feature gemstones and pearls, making this one of the main differences between chains, which are usually silver, yellow gold, or rose gold. A pearl necklace is another very good example of how a necklace differs from a chain.

On the other hand, chains can be very fine or thick, depending on the size that you are looking for. A chain usually has a classic design and is often plain with no gemstones or features. However, they do come in a variety of styles – from rope chains to curb chains (flat links joined together tightly) and many more in between. Chains can also be stacked together or worn with a pendant and necklace for an elegant look.

Check out our FAQs below for tips on layering your necklaces that would bring out your unique style.

At SK Jewellery Singapore, we carry a wide selection of thick and thin 24 karat gold chain necklaces that can be either worn as a single gold necklace or paired with a pendant like our gold heart pendant.


A pendant is a small charm or token of jewellery that hangs onto a chain and can be easily removed or put on – giving you the option to wear it at different lengths whenever necessary. The main difference between pendants and necklaces is that pendants are the main feature when paired with a chain, whereas the main feature of the necklace is all the way around.

Multiple pendants can be worn together in a cluster to create a unique stacking pattern that accentuates your outfit. On the other hand, a single gold necklace or chain with a small pendant is ideal for creating a more subtle look.

To add a simple yet elegant twist to your fit, you can consider stacking pearl necklaces for a more in-trend aesthetic. For something more elaborate, a cascading necklace or chain stacking is perfect for elevating your look. You can also skip the gold, and go for something more contemporary like a diamond necklace.

Shop our diverse line-up of exquisite necklace pendants today.


Why does my necklace clasp keep sliding?

Sometimes, you may notice that the necklace clasp is in a different position than when you first put it on, getting from the back to the front. This happens when the clasp is heavier than the chain itself.

If this is a persistent issue for you, we recommend getting a heavier chain where the weight is more balanced and/or a more substantial pendant to hold the chain down. Alternatively, you can consider getting a pendant that weighs at least half of the chain itself to act as a counterweight.

How to decide on the ideal length of the necklace for my outfit?

When it comes to necklaces, the length matters because it determines where it will lie and whether it will fit well with the neckline of your chosen outfit.

A princess length refers to necklaces that are approximately 46cm and hangs over the collarbones. This is the most common length for necklaces. It works well with almost every outfit, hence, this is the perfect necklace length for many girls.

51cm to 61cm is known as the matinee length, with the necklace falling between the collarbone and bust. This is best suited for business or casual wear.

In general, pendants look best near the collarbone, so we pair most of our pendants with chains that are approximately 40cm in length. Single chains, on the other hand, tend to look better when they are a little longer.

You can always reach out to our Live Chat to find out more information on styling your necklaces. Alternatively, you can also head down to any of our stores in Singapore to try on the various necklace lengths before making a purchase.

How should I layer my necklaces?

If you are going for the trend of wearing more than one necklace, it’s important to have a good necklace stack. It is recommended to wear necklaces that lie at least 1-2cm apart from each other.

Do make sure that all your layers are short enough to show over the top of your outfit or long enough to lie over the neckline. Otherwise, the necklaces may end up hidden behind the line of your collar.

It’s also best to keep the necklaces to a maximum of three. Too many of them may bring down your overall look and style.

Pair your favourite gem or glow in gold with our selection of pendants and necklaces at SK Jewellery. Available in various designs and shapes, you can now personalise your jewellery with our collection of pendants to bring out your unique style.