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Discover our stunning collection of diamond necklaces, gem necklaces and gold necklaces at SK Jewellery in Singapore, with alluring designs fit for every style and occasion.
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1. Is a chain and a necklace the same thing?

Necklaces refer to jewellery that is worn around the neck. While they typically feature a pendant on a thin chain, chains are considered a subset of necklace, featuring a relatively thicker chain that is worn by itself.

2. What should I look for in a pendant?

Pendants come in all shapes, sizes and colours. While it’s primarily up to you and your personal taste, here are a few factors you can take into consideration while weighing between which pendant will better suit you.

The first consideration would be the size. Generally, if one has a thicker neck, larger and bolder pieces would be more suitable to create an impact. If you’re going for something more subtle, with the goal of accenting an outfit rather than draw the eye, a small pendant would work better.

Secondly, consider the occasion you are dressing up for. If you are looking for something that is suitable for everyday wear, something simple, understated and unobstructive would be best. Such pendants are the easiest to match with a large variety of outfits.

If you’re looking for bling for a date night or evening event, something sparkly in elaborate, cascading designs would be great to accentuate the neckline of your outfit.

3. Why does my necklace clasp keep sliding?

Sometimes, you may notice that the necklace clasp is in a different position than when you first put it on, getting from the back to the front. This happens when the clasp is heavier than the chain itself.

If this is a persistent issue for you, we recommend getting a heavier chain where the weight is more balanced, and/or a more substantial pendant to hold the chain down. Try getting a pendant that weighs at least half of the chain itself to act as a counterweight to prevent this from happening.

4. How do I decide on the ideal length of the necklace for my outfit?

When it comes to necklaces, the length of it matters because it determines where it will lie and whether it will fit well with the neckline of your chosen outfit.

If it’s around 40cm, it’s choker length: It lies just above the collarbones, allowing more spotlight on the neckline. This length goes well with many open-neck outfits, such as scoop necks, V-necks, or off-the-shoulder looks.

It is called princess length if it’s approximately 46cm, which hangs over the collarbones. This is the most common length for necklaces. It works well with almost every outfit, which is why most necklaces are this length.

51cm to 61cm is otherwise called the matinee length, between the collarbone and bust. This is best suited for business or casual wear.

61cm is also known as opera length, which hangs over the blouse or dress. It’s usually better suited for high necklines and evening wear.

In general, pendants look best near the collarbone, which is why we pair most of our pendants with chains that are approximately 40cm in length. Chains on the other hand tend to look better when they are a little longer.

5. How should I layer my necklaces?

If you are going for the trend of wearing more than one necklace, it’s important to have a good necklace stack. It is recommended to wear necklaces that lie at least 1-2cm apart from each other.

Do make sure that all your layers are short enough to show over the top of your outfit, or long enough to lie over the neckline. Otherwise, the necklaces may end up hidden behind the line of your collar.

It’s also best to keep the necklaces to a maximum of three. Too many of them may make your overall look cumbersome rather than fashionable.

To make a stylish stack, we recommend pairing a pendant necklace with a thicker, more decorative chain. Too many pendants may come across more messy and less of a fashion statement, especially since they shift out of place when you move.

Add your favourite coloured gem or glow in gold with our selection of pendants at SK Jewellery in Singapore. These will complete your necklace – choose from gold, pearl, and gem pendants, to match your style. Available in various designs and shapes, you can personalise your jewellery with our collection of pendants in Singapore.