5 Lab Grown Diamond Must-Knows Before Making Your Purchase

Lab grown diamonds are not exactly a new introduction in the jewellery market; they have actually been around since 2005. But it was only until recently that they have made a splash and grabbed attention in the news for what they are able to offer. And it is evident by how much they have made up of the consumer market for all diamonds – 2% to be exact – and the number is expected to increase annually at 22% to reach approximately $14.9 billion by 2035. With a strong presence established, you can’t afford to dismiss the availability of lab grown diamonds as a viable option for your dream ring.

The decision to buy a diamond ring, or any diamond jewellery, is a significant step that most people would want to do it carefully. To help you along, here are 5 must-knows about lab grown diamonds so you can make the right purchase.

1. How lab grown diamonds are formed

5 tips to know how to purchase lab grown diamonds in Singapore

The formation of lab grown diamonds involves 2 methods: Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) and High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT). Both methods replicate the Earth’s natural environment where diamonds are grown billions of years ago before being mined. For optimum diamond development, two conditions need to be met: extreme pressure and intense heat – in which the two methods are able to achieve.

The HPTH method reproduces the natural geological process. Firstly, a diamond seed is placed inside the HPHT diamond machine and gets exposed to extremely high temperatures of 1,500 degrees Celsius and pressurised to around 7.3 million kg per square meter.

On the other hand, the CVD approach uses the same diamond seed to place inside an airtight chamber that’s filled with high heat of 800 degrees Celsius and carbon-rich gas. This will result in pure carbon adhering to the diamond seed through ionisation and gradually builds up into a crystal, atom by atom.

Due to advanced science and technology to back these two methods, lab grown diamonds share identical chemical, physical and optical qualities as mined diamonds. As such, the United States’ Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has also expanded the definition of diamonds, prompting the inclusion of lab grown diamonds in the list. As compared to taking billions of years to form, diamonds that are grown in the lab only need weeks!

2. Comparing the quality

SK Jewellery Lab Grown Diamonds

Besides the identical chemical composition and a shorter duration to form, what are the other ways that lab grown diamonds compare to mined diamonds? Both diamond types score a 10 on the Mohs, an impressive accomplishment that recognises them as the hardest existing mineral. This means they provide high scratch resistance, which is an important quality to look out for when buying diamond rings that are suitable for daily wear.

Despite its formation in the lab, lab grown diamonds also carry imperfections similar to mined diamonds – which give it a nuanced variety in hues and saturation. As such, both mined and lab grown diamonds have a colour grade range from D (colourless) to K (yellow undertone).

Due to the crystal structure and durable nature, lab grown diamonds do not cloud over time. You can expect a bright, alluring sparkle on your finger that will leave a dazzling impression. Even if there is a little film build-up, it can easily be cleaned with soap and warm water.

3. 4C diamond grading

Learn how to choose lab grown diamonds

Before the diamonds reach you, they undergo an initial assessment under the stringent requirements of the 4C diamond grading system – carat weight, clarity grade, colour grade and cut grade. This usually falls under the diamond education that customers will get to learn from sales consultants when they are trying to purchase a diamond.

Likewise, our range of Star Carat lab grown diamonds is graded through the same process. They are also certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), which provides quality assurance to consumers. Plus, they are also certified as Type IIA diamonds which reflect their rarity and outstanding quality – making up only 2% of the world’s diamonds. Take this opportunity to sport a rare stone on your finger!

4. A more price-accessible option

lab grown diamond is a price-accessible option

Another attribute of lab grown diamonds is its affordable price tag. They are priced significantly lower as compared to mined diamonds – by almost 50% less! You can attain a 1 carat diamond ring from Star Carat at the same price as a 0.4 carat mined diamond. This means you’re actually getting a bigger stone without splurging so much more! Enjoy significant savings while owning a stunning diamond engagement ring.

5. The diamond alternative

choose your diamond alternative

Research has shown that the current demographic of consumers – Millennials and Generation Z – no longer associate mined diamonds as the only option to showcase their love and celebrate their milestones. They realised that other types of contemporary jewellery are able to cater to their needs and also offer a more conscientious purchase.

As most are conscious about the environmental aspect, they are choosing lab grown diamonds over the traditional offering of mined diamonds. In fact, almost 70% of millennials were found by studies to have considered lab grown diamonds as an alternative. This may not come as a surprise, seeing how appealing the prices they come with. As such, lab grown diamonds become even more attractive to those who have a budget to stick to.

Final thoughts

Whether it’s mined or lab created, diamonds are a classic jewellery piece that have reigned supreme as a physical embodiment of a love and bond that’s shared between two individuals. Thanks to the advancement of technology, you can now explore more options to convey your love to your partner.

Shop for diamonds online with us at SK Jewellery. We now offer virtual appointments that you can book conveniently from the comfort of your home and consult with our sales associate for your next diamond purchase. You can trust us to provide quality diamonds that are deserving of your unique love story.

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