The Crown AllStar Diamond Ring

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Unveil the AllStar within You

Showcasing our signature collection, the AllStar diamond. With its unique 101 facet cut, this collection is designed to bring out your inner AllStar. Our diamonds are crafted to exude unmatched brilliance, light performance, and display, elevating your style and presence to new heights.

Groundbreaking Technology

The AllStar Diamond - where we believe that only the best is good enough. That's why we carefully select each diamond rough, choosing only the highest quality diamonds to become part of our collection. Our master craftsmen then work their magic, cutting each diamond with precision and care to ensure that each of the 101 facets is perfectly aligned for maximum light symmetry, display, and scintillation.

US Patented 101 Facets

The 101 facets of the AllStar Diamond are meticulously placed to maximize light performance, resulting in unparalleled brilliance, fire, and scintillation. No facet is wasted, with every minor and major facet synergizing together from crown to pavilion, to bring edge to edge brilliance from all 10 sides to the center. The result is a diamond that sparkles like no other, returning light from the face up and every titled angle from every facet.

Stand out from the rest

When you choose an AllStar Diamond, you are not only choosing a beautiful piece of jewellery. You are choosing a diamond that represents your inner strength and beauty, and to let it shine like never before. With its unparalleled brilliance and light performance, the AllStar Diamond is a symbol of the power and potential that resides within you.