Complete Your Eras Tour Outfit With These Swiftie Selections

Are you ready for it?

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has finally landed in Singapore! After over a year of waiting, Taylor is finally here to showcase her discography-spanning set list to Singaporean and Southeast Asian Swifties who’ve been dying for this day to come.

Of course, before you turn up to the Eras Tour, you’ll need an outfit deserving of Miss Taylor’s presence. If you’re still putting together your Eras Tour ensemble and need some outfit or accessory ideas, read on for a showcase of our Swiftie-inspired selections to help you out!

1. Revel in the Lavender Haze with shades of purple and violet

Taylor’s favourite colour is purple, so it’s no wonder the colour has appeared in various hues and tones throughout the different eras and albums. From romantic purple ruffles on the Speak Now cover art to dreamy purple and pink imagery in folklore’s “Invisible String” to the chart-topping “Lavender Haze” on Midnights, you can’t go wrong with an Eras Tour outfit that honours this regal, magical shade.

Complete your purple look with subtle touches like the Purple Daisy Whisper 10K White Gold Earrings, Little Lovebug Purple Heart 10K White Gold Earrings, and Twinkle Starlet Purple 10K White Gold Earrings. All three pairs are also suitable for children, so you and your mini-me can match while grooving out and bonding to Taylor’s amazing voice!

2. Never go out of Style in elevated pearl jewellery

2014’s 1989 was a pop sensation, catapulting Taylor into truly internationally famous territory. So, no Eras Tour ensemble would be truly complete without a nod to the chic, young, slightly retro-inspired aesthetics that the record is teeming with. And for a vintage classic elevated with a contemporary edge, there’s nothing better than pearl jewellery.

Combine your tribute to 1989 with an ode to Red with the Vermilion Luck Red Agate & Pearl Bundle and 999 Pure Gold Felicitous Pixiu Bracelet, featuring pearl jewellery with deep scarlet highlights. 

For a more everyday look, consider the Adella Pearl Bracelet and Petal Rose Gold Pearl Pendant instead, where beautiful freshwater pearls remain a highlight.

And for those who want to be a little daring, the Midnight Rose Pearl Necklace’s black rose design seems like a moody dream right out of folklore or evermore. While the rich emerald green hues of the Green Agate Pearl Necklace hint at a slick serpentine style echoing reputation’s iconic snake motif.

3. Be bold and Fearless in bright yellow gold

For the Swiftie who’s looking for Eras Tour outfit inspo but still wants to keep it wearable after the tour is over, a classic choice would be yellow gold jewellery. Not only is yellow gold seamlessly easy to pair with your everyday wardrobe (be it workwear, casual hangout clothes, or special date night outfits), but it goes so nicely with so many of the different eras’ aesthetics!

Channel reputation’s bold, confrontational confidence with the SK 916 Snake Curb Chain Gold Bracelet (Short Clasp) and SK 916 Scaled Serpentine Gold Bracelet, which have sinuous, yet subtle, snake-inspired details.

Dealing with the heartbreakers, the fakers, the liars, and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world? Shake it off with gold chain necklaces reminiscent of the “Shake It Off” music video from 1989, like the SK 916 Classic Curb Gold Chain, SK 916 Interlocking Wrapped Link Gold Chain, and SK 916 Interlocking Link Gold Chain. Simple yet visually stunning, thanks to our 916 (22 karat) gold, these chains can be layered as elaborately as you would like them to be to create a look that’s uniquely yours.

Or maybe you’d like to pay tribute to Taylor’s very first album, the irreplaceable, eponymous Taylor Swift. For that, you’ll want the A Piece of my Heart 999 Pure Gold Pendant, featuring a red enamel heart crafted with 999 (24 karat) gold, and the Double Heart Regal 999 Pure Gold Bangle. Complete your look with chic, sweet ear studs like the best-selling SK 916 Frilled Gold Earrings Bundle, and you’ll feel like you’re back in high school, listening to Taylor strum her guitar and croon about teenage heartbreaks before she would become the international superstar she is today.

4. Show that you’re a true Lover in romantic silhouettes

Finally, what could be a better way to celebrate Taylor’s record-breaking Eras Tour by simply showing off your love for her? Think heart shapes and more in shades of white and rose gold, adding a romantic glow to any outfit.

The Dainty Sparkle Heart Diamond Pendant, Independent Love Diamond Earrings, and Starlett Everlasting Love Diamond Pendant are just some of the white gold jewellery we have bearing heart-shaped pendants and designs, so you can live out your Fearless “Love Story” the way you’ve always wanted to.

In true Lover fashion, don shades of rose pink for a sweet touch with the Woven Heart Rose Gold Diamond Pendant, Petal Heart Ruby Rose Gold Pendant, Harley Heart 14K Rose Gold Earrings, and Precious Heart Bangle. Or add on the Asymmetrical Ribbon with Rhodolite Knot Diamond Necklace for a contrast that still showcases a feminine flair.

With these Eras Tour outfit and accessory ideas in hand, here’s to hoping you have the time of your life celebrating one of the biggest superstars in the world!

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