Understanding Auspicious Symbols In Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, symbols carry profound meanings and are an integral part of daily life, easily recognised and understood across multiple dialect groups and generations. From rolling a pineapple into a new home or office to usher in prosperity to the ingot-like appearance of the dumplings you eat, you’ll find Chinese symbolism all around you if you just know where to look.

Such symbols are also often used in a decorative manner, appearing in gold engravings, gold jewellery, and gold bars. By doing so, they carry wishes for prosperity, auspiciousness, happiness, and good fortune – making them an ideal gift for yourself or someone close to you.

Delve into the meanings and stories behind some of the most commonly seen symbols in Chinese culture, and see how they’re celebrated in SK Jewellery’s exquisite gold pieces.

Fu (福) symbol

Fu (福) carries the meanings of good fortune or blessings in Chinese, so it’s no surprise that it’s commonly used in gold gifts for parents, grandparents, and elders to symbolise prosperity, fortune, and auspiciousness during events such as Chinese New Year. It also appears near doorways as a way of welcoming in good fortune, and some people wear 福 jewellery as a symbol of their wish for more wealth in the future.

SK Jewellery offers a range of products featuring this auspicious symbol, such as the SK 916 Chinese Ornamental Fu Gold Pendant, Auspicious Fu 999 Pure Gold Charm Bracelet, and SK 916 Golden Prosperity Fu Earrings, each crafted to bring blessings of wealth and good luck to the wearer. Subtle yet imbued with traditional sensibilities, they fit seamlessly into everyday wear and festive occasions alike.

Shuang Xi (双囍) symbol 

Shuang Xi (双囍) literally means “double/pair happiness” and is a symbol deeply associated with marriages and weddings. Representing the union of two souls, it can often be found on all sorts of wedding memorabilia, from bridal jewellery sets to tea towels. 

Our collection includes the SK 916 Everlasting Bliss Charm, SK 916 Double Happiness Charm, and SK 916 Double Happiness Lock Gold Bracelet, perfect gifts for newlyweds or to celebrate anniversaries. Featuring stylised takes on the symbol, they represent a couple’s wish for an enduring lifetime of joy, togetherness, and abundance of auspiciousness.

Phoenix + Dragon pair

In Chinese mythology, the phoenix and dragon symbolise the perfect balance between yin (feminine energy) and yang (masculine energy), respectively, and are often used together to signify a match made in heaven and marital bliss. With notions of regal, almost cosmic royalty to back this up, it’s no wonder that the dragon and phoenix motifs commonly appear together in wedding jewellery sets and other matrimony-related items.

Embody this powerful symbolism with the Hearts of Happiness Dragon Phoenix 999 Pure Gold Bangle 心心有囍龙凤手镯, Dragon & Phoenix Dual Happiness 999 Pure Gold Bangle 龙凤手镯, and Dragon and Phoenix 999 Pure Gold Necklace to seek out blessings of prosperity and harmony in a union or marriage. 

Those seeking a meaningful gift for their sweetheart can consider pieces like the Phoenix 999 Pure Gold Earring or Auspicious Fu Zodiac Dragon 999 Pure Gold Pendant as well, commemorating your good fortune at having found the other half of your soul.


The peony, known for its lush and full bloom, stands for elegance, beauty, and a blissful life in traditional Chinese symbolism. It’s a popular motif in Chinese art and jewellery, with connotations of wealth, fortune,  and honour. 

The SK Oro Amare The Great Peony Gold Bangle and Imperial Peony 999 Pure Gold Bar (1G) capture the essence of this beloved flower, making them exquisite gifts that wish the wearer a life of prosperity and happiness. The latter also bears the idiom “花开富贵”, ushering in the blossoming of wealth and high status for its bearer.

Wedding Pig

The wedding pig is a traditional Chinese symbol of fertility and hope for children – transforming the humble barnyard animal into a symbol of family bliss.

SK Jewellery’s Wedding Pig 999 Pure Gold Necklace 金猪项链 is a modern take on this age-old symbol, offering a playful yet meaningful way to convey blessings for a new family’s growth and good fortune to come.

Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin ducks are renowned in Chinese culture for symbolising eternal love, as these birds are known to mate for life. 

The Mandarin Ducks Harmony 999 Pure Gold Bar (10G) beautifully represents this symbol, ideal for couples wishing to affirm their devotion to each other. And if a little one eventually comes along to join your family, commemorate your good fortune with an adorable SK 916 Duckling Parade Gold Bracelet so they can match with mum and dad!

Bring Auspiciousness into Your Union with SK Jewellery

SK Jewellery’s exquisite Si Dian Jin sets are a perfect blend of traditional symbolism and modern design, ideal for those seeking to incorporate auspicious meanings and symbols into their life’s significant moments. Whether for a wedding, engagement, or as a cherished gift, these pieces are imbued with your most heartful and genuine wishes for the recipient’s happiness, prosperity, and love. 

Explore our full collection of 999 gold jewellery and 916 gold jewellery – plus tips on pairing 916 and 999 gold jewellery with your favourite styles – and bring a touch of auspiciousness into your everyday life. Through the smallest of symbols, you too can celebrate the rich heritage and joyful spirit of Chinese culture.

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