How to Wear Pixiu Bracelets and Rings (Rules & Styling Tips)

In Chinese mythology, the Pixiu is a revered celestial creature, a powerful symbol attracting wealth and abundance, while offering protection from negativity. Traditionally depicted in statues or amulets, the Pixiu has found a stylish new home in bracelets, rings, and other forms of jewellery. 

Pixiu Jewellery Options

At SK Jewellery, we understand that Pixiu’s symbolism and style resonate with a wide range of tastes. Our collection celebrates this diversity with a variety of Pixiu jewellery options:

  • Pixiu Bracelets: Explore bracelets showcasing Pixiu charms in gleaming gold, vibrant jade, sparkling crystals, and other exquisite materials. From bold statement pieces to delicate designs, there’s a Pixiu bracelet to suit your style.
  • Pixiu Pendants: Discover elegant Pixiu pendants designed to be worn on their own or layered with your favourite necklaces. Consider pairing a Pixiu pendant with a classic jade necklace or a lustrous pearl pendant for a touch of timeless elegance.
  • Pixiu Rings: Add a touch of auspiciousness to your everyday looks with a Pixiu ring. Choose from traditional designs or opt for a more contemporary take, like the beautiful Pixiu 999 Pure Gold Ring with 13 pieces of black agate beads.

Rules of Wearing Pixiu Bracelets, Rings & Necklaces

To harness the full potential of your Pixiu jewellery, consider these traditional guidelines:

  • Left Wrist: In Feng Shui principles, the left hand is associated with receiving energy. By wearing your Pixiu bracelet on your left wrist, you open yourself up to attracting wealth, abundance, and good fortune. Think of it as extending your hand to invite these positive energies into your life.
  • Head Outwards: The position of the Pixiu’s head is crucial. Ensure it faces outwards, away from your body. This symbolises the Pixiu’s ability to venture out into the world, hunting for wealth and opportunities, and then bringing those treasures back to you.
  • Respectful Wear: Pixiu jewellery is believed to be deeply loyal to its owner. Treat your bracelet, ring, or necklace with respect to maintain this bond. Remove it during intimate moments, while showering, or when visiting the restroom. This shows reverence for the Pixiu’s energy and helps preserve its ability to work on your behalf.

Additional Considerations

  • Age Considerations: Traditional wisdom suggests that Pixiu jewellery might not be suitable for children under the age of 16 or for the elderly over 70. This is because the Pixiu is associated with a powerful and assertive energy that might be overwhelming for very young or very old individuals.
  • Cleansing: If someone else touches your Pixiu jewellery, it’s believed their energy might disrupt the bond between you and your Pixiu. A simple cleansing ritual helps restore that connection. Gently rinse your bracelet, ring, or pendant with clean water to wash away any lingering external energies.
  • Sleeping: While the Pixiu is a protector, its energy is also very active. Removing your Pixiu jewellery before bed is recommended for a peaceful night’s rest. Place your Pixiu jewellery in a prominent location with its head facing your main door. This allows it to continue guarding your home and attracting wealth even while you sleep.

Styling Tips: Everyday Wear

  • Casual with a Touch of Luck: Pair a Pixiu bracelet with relaxed pieces like jeans and a t-shirt for a subtle yet stylish way to invite good fortune into your day.
  • Workplace Elegance: Opt for a delicate Pixiu pendant necklace layered with other understated jewellery for a touch of luck at work.
  • Simple Ring Stack: Combine your Pixiu ring with other minimalist rings in complementary finishes for a curated and auspicious look. We personally recommend stackable abacus gold rings for stylistic symbolism. 

Styling Tips: Special Occasions

  • Statement Piece: Let a beautifully crafted, bold Pixiu bracelet take centre stage when paired with a dressy outfit.
  • Layered Impact: Create a visually striking look by layering Pixiu bracelets with other wristwear in a variety of materials and finishes.
  • Formal with Fortune: Consider pairing a Pixiu pendant with a longer, formal necklace for added elegance and a touch of auspiciousness.

Shop for Pixiu Bracelets, Rings & Pendants at SK Jewellery in Singapore

SK Jewellery’s Pixiu collection masterfully blends traditional symbolism with modern design sensibilities. Whether you’re drawn to the bold elegance of a statement bracelet, the subtle charm of a delicate pendant, or the playful touch of a Pixiu ring, there’s something for everyone. 

Ready to discover the perfect Pixiu piece to elevate your look and invite positivity into your life? Explore SK Jewellery’s extensive Pixiu collection and find the design that speaks to your style and your desire for abundance.

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