Single’s Inferno-Inspired Jewellery to Turn Up the Heat

Ever since it burst onto the reality TV scene in 2021, the Netflix TV series Single’s Inferno has captured the hearts (and eyes) of viewers worldwide with its crew of attractive, intelligent, and charismatic participants. A cross between survival and romance reality shows, the series is currently on its third season as of January 2024, with no signs of slowing down. 

Aside from the exciting anticipation of waiting to see which guy and girl will pair up, the show has also drawn attention for the participants’ chic wardrobes and eye-catching accessories. From pearl necklaces to quirky earrings – get ready to bring the heat and add a Single’s Inferno-inspired flair to your own jewellery collection with these inspired selections!

Single’s Inferno Season 3

The look: Lee Da-hee’s cherry earrings

Paired perfectly with a matching cherry print dress and cherry design necklace, Single’s Inferno 3’s Lee Da-hee’s cherry earrings combine maximalism with a touch of feminine sensuality. Channel the same energy with the Cherry Bunch 14K Rose Gold Earrings as a sweet accessory to any pink, white, or red outfit, or go bold with the SK 916 Sweet Cherry Gold Pendant.

The look: Lee Da-hee’s butterfly charm necklace

Lee Da Hee Single Inferno Contestant Butterfly Outfit

The cherry outfit isn’t Lee Da-hee’s only standout look on the show, that’s for sure. Continuing in the pattern of matching her accessories to her apparel, her chunky chain necklace with colourful butterfly and ladybird charms has caught the eye of fashionable watchers, too. Let your wings soar with the SK 916 Caria Gold Pendant featuring an exquisite butterfly pendant of your own. Or, if it’s the chunky charms that call out to you, our collection of gold charms is perfect for any charm bracelet or charm necklace!

The look: Choi Hye-seon’s pearl choker

Choi Hye Seon Single Inferno Contestant Pearl Necklace
Choi Hye Seon Single Inferno Contestant Pearl Necklace

Want to take your outfit one step further without overshadowing what you’ve already got on? Single’s Inferno 3’s Choi Hye-seon’s got the right idea with a delicate pearl choker. Recreate the look with the Pure Splendor Pearl Necklace and Pure Splendor Pearl Bracelet, made with only the finest cream-coloured freshwater pearls. Also available in the Pure Splendor Pearl Necklace & Bracelet Bundle, this gleaming set brings a touch of old-world charm and glamour to even the simplest of outfits.

The look: Choi Hye-seon’s (other) pearl necklace

Choi Hye-seon’s affinity for pearls shines through yet another pearl necklace; this time accentuated with a gold crown detail channelling a touch of Vivienne Westwood’s enigmatic energy. Capture the same regal shine with the Cupid Heart Pearl Necklace, bearing a pearl pendant and heart-shaped clasp, or the Midnight Rose Pearl Necklace with its gold-trimmed rose.

Single’s Inferno Season 2

The look: Lee So-e’s heart-shaped huggie earrings

Huggie earrings have undergone a resurgence of popularity recently, and Single’s Inferno 2’s Lee So-e’s showed hers off in the form of a rhinestone-encrusted heart-shaped pair. Combining the petite subtlety of earring studs with the dramatic touch of dangle or hoop earrings, adorn yourself with the SK 916 Huggie Hoop Hashtag Love Gold Earrings for a touch of the same energetic joie de vivre. Or opt for the SK 916 Textured Heart Earrings for an ear stud alternative that captivates with its intricate details instead.

The look: Shin Seul-ki’s knotted bow necklace

Bows were a major fashion ‘Do’ in 2022 and 2023, and Single’s Inferno 2’s Shin Seul-ki’s delicate knotted bow necklace was no exception. Embrace the ribbon trend in a timeless way with the Starry Ribbon Diamond Necklace, and pair it with the Phoebe Ribbon Diamond Earrings from our Barbie-inspired jewellery collection for a look that’s feminine and fashion-forward!

Single’s Inferno Season 1

The look: Kim Su-min’s pink butterfly earrings

Drawing inspiration from Single’s Inferno 1’s Kim Su-min, a pair of jewel-encrusted butterfly earrings are definitely a sweet and subtle way to make any look stand out. Go for a similar vibe with the Butterfly Bliss Diamond Earrings’ delicate mix of 10K white and rose gold and 0.12-carat diamond dazzlers, or take it a step further with the equally gorgeous Aflutter 14K Rose Gold Loca Earrings.

The look: Song Ji-a’s chunky gold chain necklace

Song Ji-A Single Inferno Contestant Chain Necklace

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous gold chain design. Single’s Inferno 1’s Song Ji-a’s take on this timeless classic involves chunky, well-defined links and a touch of gem-encrusted embellishment. Achieve the same look with the SK 916 Chunky Half Duo-Tone Gold Chain that comes with oversized alternating links of yellow and white gold, or add a touch of bling with the glimmering SK 916 Faceted Teardrop Beaded Chain.

Uncover Fashion-Forward Jewellery with a Timeless Touch

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