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Personalise and curate your own story with 999 pure gold charms that resonate with you. Mix, match and style it your way!
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1. What are charms?

Charms are small decorative trinkets, usually attached to jewellery, such as bracelets. They can be purely aesthetic or symbolic as well, signifying wearable memories of what you love, your hobbies, milestones, and experiences.

You can mix and match them according to your own liking to suit your personal style, creating an accessory that holds unique meaning and value to you alone.

2. How should I wear my charms?

When you purchase charms from SK Jewellery, they will come on a complimentary cord bracelet that is available in multiple colours and lengths. Alternatively, they may be worn on selected 916 gold charm bracelets or bangles.

Please note however that not all charms will fit onto all our 916 gold charm bracelets or bangles. It is important to take note of the hole of the charm, along with the thickness of the bracelet’s end, to make sure it can be threaded through.

3. How many charms should there be on a charm bracelet?

In the world of charms, generally the more the better! However, the number of charms that can be attached to a bracelet is dependent on a few factors. This includes the size of the charms, your bracelet length, and whether the charms match one another aesthetically or not.

On average, a bracelet would fit around 3-8 charms, while a necklace may be able to accommodate more.

4. Why do the charms from SK Jewellery vary in price when they are all labelled to be made out of pure gold?

The cost of a charm from SK Jewellery depends largely on 3 factors: the material, weight and workmanship required to make it.

The higher the gold purity of the material, the higher the price of the charm. If more material is used, the price will differ accordingly as well.

The workmanship required for each charm varies by design. For charms with more intricate details, more care is needed from the craftsman. For coloured charms, it’s important to note that the colours are applied meticulously by hand. Charms embellished with gemstones will also require additional workmanship.

At the end of the day, each charm is a piece of art that has been individually made by hand. The amount of artistry that goes into each piece will be reflected in the charm’s value.

For reference, our current price range for charms fall between $129 – $699.

5. How are pendants and charms different?

While charm is a generic term, it usually refers to ornaments attached to a bracelet, designed specifically to wear around a wrist. An accessory that hangs from the neck is usually better known as a pendant.

Due to the difference in where they are worn, charms are usually crafted to be smoother and more rounded, to prevent friction and irritation. As such, they are made less delicate with less intricate details compared to our gold pendants, which can be highly elaborate.

While some pendants can be worn as charms and vice versa, not all are appropriate to be worn in both ways. Pendants need to have bails wide enough to fit through the bracelet cord, and charms tend to have large holes visible from the sides, which may not look nice when worn on a more delicate chain. Certain charms may be too heavy for thin chains as well.