How to Craft Your Own Old Money Aesthetic Look

It’s no secret that the old money aesthetic is one of the biggest fashion trends of 2023, with various looks shared on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 

The allure of this aesthetic is undeniable – chic silhouettes and elegance that seem to come effortlessly. And the beauty of it? You don’t need a trust fund to nail this style. 

Let’s take a look at how to craft the perfect old money aesthetic with SK Jewellery.

1. Outfit Simplicity is Key

Bid farewell to garish outfit choices. This trend gravitates towards clean lines and minimalist styles, allowing for easy coordination. Stick to solid colours, particularly neutrals like cream, taupe, or ebony. Prioritise quality fabrics like high-grade cotton and tweed that stand the test of time, resisting wear and tear.

Here comes the next important factor – the fit. Your clothing should be an extension of your body, accentuating your silhouette. The secret? Perfectly tailored pieces. While custom-made clothes might sound pricey, there are numerous off-the-shelf options that can create that old money aesthetic you wish to have. Finding that ideal fit might take time, but it’s a hunt worth every second.

2. Curate, Don’t Accumulate

Now you know what outfits to choose, it’s time to turn your attention to the accessories that make or break your old money look. 

Rather than cluttering yourself with numerous accessories, choose a few timeless pieces that define and refine your look. Subtle, high-quality adornments from SK Jewellery can make a profound statement. 

Men might consider a sleek bracelet like the 999 Pure Gold Clarity White Crystal Bracelet and a subtle gold necklace like the 999 Pure Gold Hexahedral Necklace. Top it off with a thin ring such as the 999 Pure Gold Glitter Band Ring.

For women, simple diamond ear studs like the Starlett 4-Prong Classic Earrings and a delicate diamond necklace like the Sparkly Petals Aglow 10k White Gold Pendant could be ideas for your old money aesthetic. 

Looking for more ideas on how to wear your gems? Check out our head-to-toe guide to jewellery.

Choose Your Centrepiece

While we mentioned not to deck yourself in accessories previously, every old money aesthetic look still needs a centrepiece – a signature item that ties your ensemble together. 

Lab grown diamonds from SK jewellery perfectly encapsulate the essence of the old money aesthetic. These gems, while modern in their creation, align perfectly with the age-old values of authenticity, quality, and subtlety. 

Choose lab grown diamond rings, necklaces, and earrings from our Star Carat Diamond and AllStar Diamond collections. Jewellery from these collections are elegant and timeless, with lustrous designs making them the perfect anchor for your old money aesthetic.

Wish to personalise your jewellery? Consider the SK 916 Alphabet A-Z Gold Pendant, a piece that allows you to incorporate an initial or a meaningful letter. 

Mix the Old with the New

Once you’ve chosen your centrepiece, layering is key. The beauty of the old money aesthetic is its versatility. Pairing your lab grown diamonds with vintage family heirlooms like your Si Dian Jin pieces can create a harmonious blend of history and modernity. The aim is to create a look that feels organically accumulated over time, as if every piece has its own story. 

Think of a delicate lace dress worn with your grandmother’s Si Dian Jin necklace, a classic watch paired with a sleek lab grown diamond bracelet, or a tailored suit accentuated with a vintage gold bangle.

Nail the Old Money Aesthetic Look with SK Jewellery

While old money is often rooted in tales of grandeur, exclusivity, and generations of affluence, its aesthetic is more about the essence of luxury and less about the price tag, especially with the various accessory choices like lab grown diamonds available today.

It’s about balancing the old with the new, understanding the power of understatement, and knowing that true luxury isn’t always about being the loudest in the room, but often the most memorable. Think muted elegance over flamboyant Barbie-like branding.

As you curate your style, may you find pieces from SK Jewellery in stores and online that resonate with your story.

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