What Si Dian Jin To Give Across Different Dialect Groups In Singapore

Gifting Si Dian Jin is a cherished Chinese wedding custom rooted in rich cultural significance and heritage. Literally translated to “four touches of gold”, this practice entails a groom presenting his bride with a set of gold jewellery during the Guo Da Li ceremony to welcome the bride to the family. 

Understanding the different meanings each Si Dian Jin jewellery piece represents helps ensure the Si Dian Jin gift you choose resonates with significance: 

  • Bangle: Bangles represent working hand-in-hand in marriage. They typically come with dragon and phoenix motifs, whereby the dragon stands as a mighty and kind guardian while the phoenix symbolises elegance, renewal, and grace.
  • Necklace: In Chinese, the term for “necklace (連)” means “continuity”. This symbolises the union of two families and fosters a harmonious bond.
  • Earrings: Earrings represent the perfect match and harmony between the bride and groom.
  • Ring: A ring embodies the dedication between a couple.

Find yourself wondering which Si Dian Jin jewellery piece to get? Unknown to many, this actually depends on the groom’s dialect group – whether he’s a Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, or Hakka. Let’s take a closer look at this Si Dian Jin tradition across different dialect communities in Singapore.

Dialect Group #1: Teochew

Did you know that Teochew grooms were the first to gift Si Dian Jin sets to their brides? This custom is actually a Teochew Guo Da Li tradition dating back to the Chao Shan region in Guangdong province, China.

The Teochews are the only dialect group that gives the full set of Si Dian Jin jewellery, including the bangle, necklace, earrings, and rings made of solid 999 gold.

Here are the popular pieces – Dragon And Phoenix 999 Pure Gold Necklace; Enchanted Floral Rose 999 Gold Ring 如意玫瑰戒指; Love Eternity Lily Earrings 百年好合耳环, and Full Blessings Dragon & Phoenix 999 Pure Gold Bangle 美满囍事龙凤手镯.

si dian jin sk jewellery

Dialect Group #2: Cantonese

Rather than the traditional four pieces of Si Dian Jin, the Cantonese groom presents his bride during Guo Da Li with a pair of gold bangles or bracelets featuring dragons and phoenixes. For example, the Bountiful Bliss 999 Pure Gold Bangle, Mighty Dragon & Phoenix 999 Pure Gold Bangle 龙凤手镯, and Magnificent Dragon & Phoenix 999 Pure Gold Bangle 龙凤手镯 are excellent choices to consider. 

Dialect Group #3: Hakka

Similar to the Cantonese community, a Hakka groom will gift two bangles or bracelets to his wife-to-be during Guo Da Li. They will also typically feature the Dragon and Phoenix motifs. Some pieces to consider include the Dragon & Phoenix Vivid 999 Pure Gold Bangle 亮丽龙凤手镯 and Forever Hearts Dragon & Phoenix 999 Pure Gold Bangle 永恒龙凤手镯.

Prefer more delicate pieces? Check out the Dragon Phoenix Pair 999 Pure Gold Bangle 简约龙禧手镯, Flight Of Phoenix 999 Gold Bangle 凤凰于飞手镯, and Auspicious Dragon 999 Pure Gold Bangle 祥龙戏珠手镯.

Dialect Group #4: Hokkien

Likewise, the Hokkiens will gift a pair of gold bangles or bracelets during the Guo Da Li ceremony. However, these bangles need not necessarily bear the dragon and phoenix motifs. Consider the 百年好合手镯 Love Eternity Lily Bangle and Gorgeous 999 Pure Gold Bangle.

Evolution of Si Dian Jin Jewellery Pieces To Gift According to Dialect

Over the years, as customs evolve and modernity intermingles with tradition, the specifics of the Si Dian Jin set might change. It’s best to discuss with your loved one to reach a mutual agreement if you’d like to include, exclude, or replace any item with something more suitable.

For example, while some brides might prefer traditional pieces, there are also contemporary Si Dian Jin jewellery designs for brides who wish to continue observing this custom but also want modern pieces to wear daily. 

Explore our extensive Si Dian Jin collection or book a Si Dian Jinconsultation to find out how to pick a Chinese wedding jewellery set that the bride will cherish for the rest of her life. Still unsure about the different wedding customs? Explore what to prepare during Guo Da Li and what brides need to give back during Hui Li to learn more.

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