How To Choose Si Dian Jin

How to choose a Si Dian Jin?

Si Dian Jin is still commonly practised by couples these days. Translated to “four points of gold”, it refers to a wedding betrothal gift that is traditionally given to the bride by the groom’s family to welcome her into the family.

Like any other wedding jewellery, choosing Si Dian Jin is an important step, however, many brides-to-be might be uncertain about the symbolic meaning and tradition behind this time-honoured wedding tradition. We will explore more on what Si Dian Jin symbols and designs represent.

The significance of 999 Pure Gold

The 4-piece set of Si Dian Jin is traditionally made of solid gold, typically consisting of a bangle, ring, necklace and a pair of earrings. The choice of gold is also preferred due to its monetary value and its significance of the translation “four points of gold”. Si Dian Jin represents the sincerity and generosity in the marriage, and becomes an important symbolic gesture to assure the bride that she will always be provided.

At SK Jewellery, our 999 Pure Gold Si Dian Jin embodies the traditional symbolism of gold – auspicious, happiness and blissfulness, to send the most heartfelt blessings to the wedding couple.

How To Choose Si Dian Jin

Traditional vs contemporary design

There are different types of Si Dian Jin designs you can choose from, ranging from the opulent traditional sets to stylish designs with a more modern take. With SK Jewellery’s immaculate craftsmanship in gold jewellery, our selection of 999 Pure Gold Si Dian Jin features meaningful motifs believed to represent a blissful union.

• Traditional Si Dian Jin designs
They are befitting for the bride who wishes for the old world charm and to bring a part of her cultural roots to her next phase of life. Gold bangles and necklaces with traditional motifs, for example, can look outstanding with a traditional Kua or cheongsam for your big day. The majestic gold of SK 999 Pure Gold Si Dian Jin accentuates the gold and silver threads on the King and Queen Kua, which will complement and tie the entire look together.

• Contemporary Si Dian Jin designs
They are perfect for brides looking to pay respect to the rich heritage of this time-honoured tradition with a fresh spin. Modernity and heritage come together harmoniously through sleek and simplistic jewellery pieces that can be worn daily without compromising style. Intricate and delicate symbols are usually present such as circles or the “xi” character that lends a modern touch.

Be it traditional or contemporary design, it all boils down to the respective auspicious motifs that are meant as a form of blessings.

Symbols and meanings

Embodying age-old customary traditions, Si Dian Jian is beautifully crafted with revered motifs that are infused with significant meanings.

Our signature designs bear popular symbols and motifs such as roses in full bloom which symbolises the bride’s everlasting beauty and wish for happiness, and the regal pairing of the Phoenix and Peonies, symbolising nobility and grace of the bride. The classic perennial Lily adds a touch of subtle elegance and represents an everlasting and harmonious marriage, while the well-loved “Shuang Xi” character represents double happiness for a perfect culmination of bliss. Not forgetting the Wedding Pig, which bears the traditional symbol of fertility to bless the couple with an abundance of children – the essential key to infinite family bliss.

Modern brides can also consider sleek, circular designs which symbolise a lifelong union and everlasting love. Some dialect groups prefer to give bangles. For example, Cantonese families give the iconic Dragon and Phoenix gold bangle, a legendary pairing that symbolises the couple as a perfect match made in heaven.

As you understand more on the meanings and symbols of Si Dian Jian, this can make it easier for you to decide how to choose a Si Dian Jin for your wedding day. Whether you opt for a traditional set or contemporary designs, Si Dian Jin will be a part of the cherished stories of your love and the beginnings of a new life with your spouse.

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