Si Dian Jin Set

How Is Si Dian Jin A Family Heirloom?

Si Dian Jin Set

An integral feature in Chinese weddings, Si Dian Jin carries a great cultural significance as a wedding custom. The translated meaning is “four points of gold” which represents four corners of a roof, symbolising the groom’s family’s acceptance of the bride as a part of a new household and assurance that she will be taken care of.

Traditionally, the Si Dian Jin jewellery is presented in a set of 4-piece gold that consists of a pair of earrings, a ring, a necklace and a bangle, and given as a betrothal gift from the groom’s mother to the bride. At SK Jewellery, we present the 999 Pure Gold Bridal collection to celebrate a lifetime of conjugal bliss.

The hallmark of pure gold

Gold is traditionally given as a show of wealth and carries a symbol for being auspicious and prosperous. For formal betrothal gifts, pure gold represents sincerity and generosity in the marriage and in providing for the bride. Treasured for monetary importance, gold jewellery is also a gift of significance and makes for an auspicious piece.

Choosing gold for Si Dian Jin is favoured for its auspicious connections to bestow bountiful blessings and well wishes. At the hallmark of pure gold, SK Jewellery presents exceptional 999 Pure Gold pieces with innovative designs that uphold customary traditions and value to convey meaningful messages.

Beautifully crafted, meaningfully told

Si Dian Jin embodies a rich heritage and age-old customary traditions. As such, these opulent pieces are designed with grandiose and bear intricate engravings of long-respected symbols and motifs that make an auspicious and prosperous marriage.

As the market leader in 999 Pure Gold, SK Jewellery has perfected the art of crafting immaculate gold jewellery pieces while staying true to traditions and culture. Our signature designs include perennial lily in full bloom to symbolize the bride’s everlasting beauty and wish for happiness, and the harmonious pairing of the Phoenix and the Peony, the Queen of flowers, to symbolize nobility and grace of the virtuous bride.

Designed with momentous symbols of traditions and values upheld by generations, each beautifully crafted jewellery piece encapsulates auspicious blessings to meaningfully convey your most heartfelt wishes.

Passing down of Si Dian Jin

Every piece of SK 999 Pure Gold is meaningfully told and speaks of your own family story. It represents the blissful memories of the brides-to-be shopping with their mothers-in-law to pick out the ideal wedding jewellery as desired. Not only does it symbolize a warm welcome into the family, but it also creates beautiful moments to be cherished.

Si Dian Jin highlights the importance of preserving traditions in the family as it can be passed down as a family heirloom, holding stories that can be told from generation to generation. The values and meaningful traditions can live on as the Si Dian Jin is passed on to a new family member and the bride receive blessings to be accepted into a new household, adding a special touch to the happy union of both families. Every 999 Pure Gold piece is curated to be cherished and loved, so you can always keep close to your heart the everlasting bliss you’ve experienced for future generations to come.

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