Selecting Your Perfect Si Dian Jin Set

When it comes to wedding traditions, Si Dian Jin still stands today and is worth more than just its face value. A traditional custom practiced by the Chinese, this 4-piece set of bridal jewellery comes ‘infused’ with well-wishes from your future in-laws and carries a highly symbolic meaning. It usually consists of a necklace, a bangle, a pair of earrings and a ring that is given to the bride as a betrothal gift to bestow a lifetime of conjugal bliss.

Like any other wedding jewellery, choosing your Si Dian Jin is one of the most important decisions to make during your bridal journey. We share some of our tips in selecting your perfect Si Dian Jin set.

Agree on the Budget
Before deciding your purchase, it is better to have a mutual consensus from both families on the budget to set aside for your Si Dian Jin. It is important to decide the budget in advance so you can make sensible financial decisions and have the jewellery salesperson only show you the jewellery selection that is within your budget only. The jewellery is also an investment; thus it is key for both families to have similar expectations.

Selecting Your Perfect Si Dian Jin Set

Gold has always been the preferred option for Si Dian Jin for its monetary value. This is also fitting as Si Dian Jin is translated to 4 touches of gold. However, there are also many modern options available today. Aside from 999 Pure Gold, there are Si Dian Jin sets in silver, diamonds and jade. Depending on how rooted each family is in tradition, this will factor in the decision whether the bridal jewellery will come in which material.

Personal Style
Should you go traditional or modern? Choose your perfect Si Dian Jin based on your personal fashion style and the bridal outfits you are wearing on your big day. A golden tip for you is to pair your 999 Pure Gold bridal jewellery with your wedding dress or Kua if you are wearing one. Based on the colour and design of your wedding dress, decide on the design, colour and material of the Si Dian Jin that will best complement your whole look.Factoring in your fashion sense and personal taste is also a good idea so you can look your best self on your big day.

Selecting Your Perfect Si Dian Jin Set

What are the designs of Si Dian Jin in Singapore that you can choose from? At SK Jewellery, we present a selection of gold jewellery to complete any bride’s wedding ensemble such as the 999 Pure Gold Bridal Collection and Xifu 999 Pure Gold collection. The designs often incorporate meaningful symbols and motifs as it embodied heritage and rich cultural roots, as they are believed to connote a lifelong union.

Our designs include inspirations taken from elegant flowers such as the Perennial Lily to bring out the grace and beauty of the bride. The majestic pairing of a Dragon and a Phoenix in a motif are designed on a pair of bridal gold bangles that represents matrimonial bliss and harmony. This Legendary Pair is engraved with the “Shuang Xi” symbol to embody everlasting love for the couple. You can also find modern and sleek designs with our 999 Pure Gold Mod bangles and necklaces, which offer a more simplistic design suitable for even daily wear.

The Si Dian Jin is certainly a beautiful way to include a touch of tradition to your big day. It is also a treasured piece of heirloom to be cherished for the years to come, and perhaps even be passed down from generation to generation.

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