For Dad: SK Jewellery’s Father’s Day 2021 Gift Guide

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it can be nerve-wracking trying to come up with the perfect gift to celebrate your dad. Besides the usual Father’s Day card and probably another ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug, surprise daddy dearest with something special that will add a smile on his face.

For all his contributions in your life and the love he has given you, show your appreciation with a significant gift that expresses your heartfelt gratitude. To make your shopping a little easier, take a look at our gift guide below to surprise dear ol’ Dad with.


A men’s pendant necklace can be used as a statement piece or as a symbol that carries sentimental meaning. They are also one of the easiest accessories to put on and complement various styles from casual to slightly more dressed up. Take your pick from these pendant choices to help your dad showcase a little individuality and add style to his outfits.

Prosperous Dragon 999 Pure Gold Pendant

Dominant, driven and ambition, these are just some of the character traits the dragon symbolises that you might see in your dad. Crafted in 999 Pure Gold, this pendant features an intricate design of a dragon and the Chinese character 福 to wish good fortune, luck and health.

SK 916 Classic Abacus Gold Pendant

For the dad who works hard for his family, convey your sincerest blessings with this 916 Gold pendant that features an abacus design to symbolise success, abundance of wealth and positivity. He will also appreciate the shimmering gold beads and rods details for an eye-catching look.

SK 916 Abacus Success Gold Pendant

Get your dad dressed for success with our Abacus Success Gold Pendant! Weighing at approximately 2.5g and crafted from 916 Gold, this pendant features an abacus design and the Chinese character 福 to wish the best of luck in all aspects of his life.


Typically, a ring on a man’s finger is a symbol of his married status but nowadays men’s rings can be accessorised with any outfit. Designed in various materials and styles, it’s a great way to get your dad into amping up his fashion game and expressing his style. But for a more thoughtful gift, our gold rings will have your dad looking good while being imbued with blessings and well wishes.

Prosperous Abacus 999 Pure Gold Ring

Bring in good fortune and luck with this statement piece! Closely associated with money and prosperity, the Chinese abacus is believed to attract wealth according to Feng Shui. Crafted in 999 Pure Gold, this ring will also add a golden touch to your dad’s style!

Good Luck 999 Pure Gold Ring

Let your dad don on this 999 Pure Gold ring to boost good luck! The design features Chinese characters ‘Shi Lai Yun Zhuan’ which are intricately crafted to signify a future filled with fortune and favour.

Wealth 999 Pure Gold Ring

Strike gold and wealth with this statement-looking ring! Designed in 999 Pure Gold, the ring features the Chinese characters ‘Cai Yuan Gun Gun’ to wish your dad an abundance of wealth and money for a comfortable life.


Your dad might have been used to sporting his wedding band and his classic timepiece to accessorise, but men’s bracelets can make an impact with his outfits! And even if he’s not comfortable expressing his fashion sense yet, these bracelets offer a deeper symbolism while also matching perfectly with his favourite watch.

Abundance 999 Pure Gold Bracelet

Weighing at approximately 4g of gold, this bracelet features a 999 Pure Gold charm designed with the Chinese character ‘Fu’ to symbolise abundance and overflowing prosperity. Inclusive of a 20cm black bracelet strap, your dad can easily pair this with his casual outfits!

Daniel Beaded Bracelet

Black and gold never fail to make a classy and sleek combination, perfect for the everyday gentleman. Skillfully crafted in 999 Pure Gold, the charm is strung together with 18 pieces of black agate beads, offering a timeless and versatile bracelet piece your dad can easily wear to complete his looks!

999 Pure Gold Pixiu Fortuitous Bracelet

According to Feng Shui beliefs, Pixiu is a Chinese mystical creature believed to draw and preserve riches and wealth. Your dad will highly appreciate your intentions for gifting him this Fortuitous Bracelet, comprising of the 999 Pure Gold Pixiu charm and 23 pieces of black agate beads.

Charm bracelets

It’s high time we accept that jewellery is not only reserved for the ladies, but men can rock all kinds of jewellery too. And if there’s a special memory or occasion you wish to celebrate with jewellery, then a charm bracelet is the way to go for holding sentimental value. For the fashionable dads out there, charm bracelets also offer a fun and creative way to ace their look and personalise their accessories.

Fortune-Go-Round 999 Pure Gold Bracelet Charm

Go for the simple and classic look with this rotatable 999 Pure Gold charm, designed with the Chinese character that symbolises blessings. Inclusive of a complimentary bracelet, choose your preferred bracelet colour and length to elevate your dad’s wrist style!

Golden Blessings 999 Pure Gold Charm Bracelet

Express your gratitude and love to dad with this 999 Pure Gold charm, intricately designed with various Chinese characters that signify fortune, happiness, longevity and health. And it comes with an extra complimentary charm that conveys even more ‘blessings’!

SK 916 Money Gold Charm

Featuring the classic symbol of money, this charm will perfectly capture your dad’s wealthy persona. The dollar sign design is crafted in 916 Gold and weighs at approximately 1.3g for an impressive statement of luxury and abundance living.

Gold bars

For a gift that offers more than just sentimental meaning, gold also carries real monetary value. Long associated with wealth and prosperity, gifting your dad a gold bar displays an expression of generosity and blessings of good fortune. Since gold bars contains stored value, it is also a thoughtful way to provide him with financial assurance for his upcoming golden years.

Thank You 999 Pure Gold Bar (0.3g)

What better way to express your appreciation for all Dad has done in your life with our Thank You 999 Pure Gold Bar. Weighing at 0.3g, this gold bar is beautifully adorned with rose and heart details, and comes in a complimentary gift box to make your gifting much easier!

Speedy Success 999 Pure Gold Bar (5g)

Bless your dad with good fortune and prosperity with this 999 Pure Gold Bar, which features running horses traditionally believed to wish speedy success. Coupled with the Chinese characters ‘Ma Dao Chen Gong’, this gift is well suited for businessmen and salesmen alike to bring in bountiful sales and wealth.

Boundless Longevity 999 Pure Gold Bar (2g)

Crafted from 999 Pure Gold, let this gift of the purest gold represent the purest of blessings to your dad for abundance, prosperity and success to follow. Featuring the Chinese character that means longevity, the gold bar is created using state of the art technology to produce an surface area that is 20 times larger compared to a traditional 2g gold bar!

Celebrate Dad with SK Jewellery

With the current pandemic situation, it can be hard for the family to get together and celebrate happy occasions together. But no matter how near or far away you are, with a special Father’s Day gift, he will always feel surrounded by your love and appreciation.

Mark this celebration with SK Jewellery to show how much Dad means to you. Browse our collection of 999 Gold pieces online or book an appointment to visit our showroom and explore our intricate designs that are meaningfully crafted to convey your best wishes.

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