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Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Bands for Women

I have wide fingers. How do I find the right size for my women’s wedding band?

SK Jewellery offers a free ring sizer for all of our customers to help you find the right wedding band for both men and women. Our ring sizers are based on Hong Kong’s conventional standard, which is also used in most Asian countries including but not exclusive to Singapore. However, we also have an international conversion chart to assist you in finding the exact right fit no matter what mode of measurement you prefer to base your sizing off.

Find out more in our ring size guide which includes tips on measuring your ring finger so you can ensure a perfect fit. You can also visit any SK Jewellery Store to have your ring finger professionally measured by our helpful shop assistants.

Should wedding bands for women always come with diamonds?

Classic wedding bands for women typically include diamonds as a centerpiece, but modern bride-to-bes can indeed choose to have their wedding band designed however they wish.

Some may opt for more diamonds or gemstones on their engagement ring, leaving their wedding band plain and simple; others may even customise their wedding band with an engraving or unique design that echoes an inside joke between them and their future spouse. In short, the wedding band you go with should be catered to your personal aesthetic preference and lifestyle habits — with our wide range of wedding bands for women here at SK Jewellery, you’re sure to find something suitable regardless!

Should I match my wedding band’s design with my partner’s?

Historically, spouses have worn matching or similar wedding bands to signify their union. However,  so long as the two of you are on the same page, you can by all means opt to have different wedding bands to suit your own preferences. There are now many more metals, finishes, or stones you can include in a wedding band, so it makes sense that you and your spouse may not be able to agree on the exact same design!

For women, you can choose a wedding band that pairs with matrimonial gifts like your Si Dian Jin set or with everyday jewellery such as diamond earrings or diamond bracelets so that you will always be dressed to impress in a matching set. Remember that your wedding band will remain with you for years to come so it’s best to find a piece that reflects your own personal style and makes you happy to wear on a daily basis!