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Diamond earrings are staples every woman should have, be they stud, hoop or drop earrings. Diamonds are the strongest gemstone on earth, making them ideal for not just their durability, but also their exuberance of refined strength which mirrors that innate in all women.  At SK Jewellery, we stock only the most exquisite designs when it comes to diamond stud, hoop and dangle earrings. 

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For the everyday woman, dazzle those around you with modern classics such as our Prima Diamond Earrings, the Baby’s Breath Diamond Earrings, or our Tracing Hearts White Gold Earrings with Diamond Studs. As for those looking for something a little more intricate, our Waynee Diamond Earrings, True Crown Diamond Earrings, and Apple of My Eye Diamond Earrings are perfect diamond earrings with beauty that’s less subtle but just as—if not more—intricate.


In the department of diamond hoop earrings, SK Jewellery’s Star Carat Classic Hoop Cushion Diamond Earrings often steals the stage with its luxurious extravagance. But that’s not to say our other diamond hoop earrings take a side seat when it comes to nuanced value. Our Chic Hoops Diamond Earrings are perfect for everyday wear, and can instantly glam up any outfit with its dazzling diamond solitaire.


There’s something about diamond drop and dangle earrings that allows them to accentuate any aesthetic with a delicate touch. Our Heart Wings Diamond Earrings and Destiny Diamond Earrings are crowd favourites in and beyond Singapore, but it is probably the Spiral Dance Earring with its free-oscillating diamond that is the unrivalled go-to when it comes to a statement diamond drop earring to own.


Does SK Jewellery sell affordable diamond earrings?

SK Jewellery stocks both high-end and affordable options for most of our jewellery lines. Simply utilise the sorting function when browsing our online catalogue to view our diamond earrings in ascending order from affordable to premium. 

How do I care for the solitaires in my diamond earrings?

You can check out our jewellery care guide for guidance on how you can care for the diamond solitaires in your earrings. SK Jewellery also provides an entire suite of customer services that can help you care and maintain your diamond earrings better.

How long will the delivery take if I order a diamond stud, drop, or hoop earring online?

All orders are immediately processed upon payment verification, and the delivery of your diamond stud, drop, or hoop earring will then take between 5-7 working days via standard shipping or self-collection. Express shipping will speed up this process to 3-4 working days.