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Adorn your forearm with white, yellow, and rose gold bracelets from SK Jewellery, available for both men and women. Choose from chunky statement pieces to elegant and intricate bands, and express yourself through different metals, colour combinations, and design choices.


Embrace your individuality and create a personalised accessory that you’ll love to wear. As versatile fashion statements, many of these unique pieces of jewellery bracelets can be customised with charms that represent important moments and symbols to you.

Wearing a bracelet with charms tells a story about you and all the special things in your life. The best part is that you can add new meaning to your white, yellow, and rose gold bracelets by incorporating new charms into the mix!


Layer different styles or stay subtle with one single piece–the beauty of wearing arm jewellery is that they go with just about any outfit! Think silver pearl bracelets over yellow gold bangles or thick black leather straps paired with delicate gold chains.

Whether you’re going for casual or formal wear, there are endless options when it comes to pairing different types of bracelets together. From minimalist cuffs to shimmering white gold bracelets – the combination possibilities are truly endless. Creating new looks every day is easier than ever before.

Why stop at our white, yellow, and rose gold bracelets? Browse and discover our wide range of jewellery for men and women, including bangles, Si Dian Jin bridal jewellery, and chains. At SK Jewellery, we provide the modern individual with high-quality pieces that are designed to last for years and can accessorise any ensemble – giving your wardrobe the perfect finishing touch each time!


1. How tight should my tennis bracelet be?

A good rule of thumb for the perfect fit is if you can fit one finger between your wrist and the tennis bracelet. This allows the tennis bracelet to be loose enough to move across your wrist freely, but not too loose as to slide off. If you are a right-hander, it’s recommended to wear the tennis bracelet on the left wrist, subjecting it to less wear and tear.

Still not sure about your bracelet size? Check out SK Jewellery’s guide to jewellery measurements.

2. How can I accessories with a diamond tennis bracelet?

Here are a couple of ways to style your diamond tennis bracelet:

  • Wear it on its own: let your bracelet be the statement piece that not only draws attention to your wrists, but flatters your arms when it slides up and down.
  • Pair it with a fashion watch: for ladies who wear watches, the tennis bracelet would be the perfect accessory to accentuate it.

Stack it with other bracelets: if you enjoy stacking and styling your jewellery, this might be best for you. While a diamond tennis bracelet would match best with other tennis bracelets, it also works seamlessly with other thin bracelets; remaining as the statement piece.

3. Who would a tennis bracelet suit best?

A tennis bracelet, or an eternity bracelet, is a bracelet with a row of diamonds set close together and arranged to encircle your wrist completely. The bracelet is highly versatile: it adds a hint of glamour to your casual tee shirt and jeans outfit and stands as the finishing touches to an evening gown for a formal event. In Singapore, the tennis bracelet is the go-to accessory for dining out or attending special occasions.

4. Which gold is best for bangles and bracelets - white, yellow, or rose gold?

If you’re looking for a stunning gold bangle or bracelet, the higher the gold karat, the better. This means that 18K (916) and 22K (999) are the top choices. With a higher percentage of pure gold, these bangles or bracelets are less likely to irritate the skin. However, as 22K (999) is made of pure gold, it is soft and malleable with daily wear. As such, many men and women looking for gold bangles or bracelets to wear daily or for special occasions opt for those set in 18K (916) and 22K (999), respectively. Want to learn more? Browse our article on the different types of gold purity.

As for the colour of the gold, it depends on the individual’s preference. White gold is a brilliant white hue, usually with a silver cast that gives it an almost frosty shine. Yellow gold more closely resembles its natural colouring, radiating a classic and shining golden warmth. Rose gold takes gold to an entirely new level, balancing between yellow and pink for a gentle but powerful look.