Jewellery For The Best Mom In The World

To Mom, With Love

From scrawled cards of past Mother’s Days to squiggly family portraits, many moms regards art from their kids as a treasure, keeping them for many years no matter how messy they are.

With this in mind, SK Jewellery would like to invite mom’s favourite artist on a trip down memory lane and to a collaboration:

Unleash your creativity and express your love in a way that is uniquely you and uniquely dear to mom!


Even if you’re a mom or dad yourself, take a trip down memory lane to express your love for mom in the most innocent, earnest way as kids do:

With art from the heart.


Remember the days of hand-drawn cards lovingly rendered in crayons, colour pencils and whatever we as children could get our hands on?

Embrace the very same spirit of creative expression this Mother’s Day.

Take inspiration from the kids themselves and re-connect with your inner child!

To reignite these feelings, we partook an adventure with the kids from Learning Vision, a local preschool.

We provided the presents for mom: lovely pairs of freshwater pearl earrings. The kids brought their creativity to the table, infusing their appreciation for mom along with their love for art into colourful drawings to accompany their gift.

A Gift from the Heart

Mom is Our Superhero

From filling up our bellies, helping us with our studies, nursing us when we’re ill… mom is someone we depend on and look up to.

As such, SK Jewellery highlights the Supermom in our Mother’s Day campaign this year.


Inspired by the uninhibited works of kids, we created a Supermom Doodle sticker sheet and card.

Use them to design your very own gift box for mom!


Get these Mother’s Day exclusive supplies in our Mother’s Day Doodle Box Kit. Use the stickers alongside your own art supplies to decorate our white gift box – the perfect blank canvas for you to unleash your inner-child on.

Available at $18 as an add-on with any jewellery purchase.

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