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At SK Jewellery, we believe that every piece of Si Dian Jin tells a story. Presenting to you 纯金囍事 四点金 Si Dian Jin where it is crafted with the purest gold content 99.9%, to send the most heartfelt blessings through the different phases in life.

The Hallmark of Pure Gold 999

First to launch 999 Pure Gold in 2012, SK Jewellery continues to redefine the perceptions of 999 Pure Gold to deliver breathtaking Si Dian Jin collection made to be loved, cherished and passed down from generations to generations.

More about Si Dian Jin

Purest Content

Crafted with the highest quality of gold, known as 999 Pure Gold (99.9% gold or 24K) with a distinct bright yellow colour, offering the best purity of gold without traces of any other metals.

Top-notch Craftsmen

With the delicate nature of pure gold, it requires flawless precision, good knowledge and techniques. Only the hands of the skilful master craftsmen are able to produce such exquisite and intricate designs.
Handmade by master craftsmen, every single piece contains exceptional skill and artistry. The craftsmen uses various technology and different finishes on each design. Not only it showcases the versatility of 999 Pure Gold but also make the carvings on the Si Dian Jin more 3D and realistic.