Get Inspired By These 5 Popular Diamond Ring Settings


When it comes to choosing a diamond ring, there are a variety of factors to consider—cut, carat weight, clarity, and colour all play a role in determining the value of a stone. However, one factor that is often overlooked is the setting of the diamond ring.

From the classic solitaire to a more unique halo diamond ring setting, each one has its own individual beauty and can add a different level of sparkle to a piece of jewellery. Maximise your stone's fire and brilliance with these five popular diamond ring settings.

1. Solitaire Setting

The solitaire, also known as prong, is the most classic ring setting featuring a single diamond set in a simple band. In this design, the diamond is mounted on a band with four to six prongs that secure it in place. Light can enter the diamond from all sides, showcasing the stone in all its brilliant glory, sparkle, and fire—just like The Infinito Allstar Diamond Ring. This minimalistic yet timeless setting is perfect for anyone who wants their diamond to take centre stage.

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2. Pavé Setting

In a pavé setting, the stones are set close together in a row. The result is a ring like the Signature II Allstar Diamond Ring and The Duet Allstar Diamond Ring that looks like they are paved with diamonds that catch the light brilliantly.

Due to its clean lines and elegant simplicity, the pavé setting helps to give the ring an extra sparkle and create the illusion of a larger diamond, making them an excellent choice for those who want to maximize the size of their stone.

3. Eternity Setting

Unlike the simplistic prong and pavé, the eternity setting is often chosen for its unique and eye-catching silhouette. This sophisticated design features diamonds that are arranged in a continuous circle around the band, creating a stunning effect that is sure to turn heads–some couples see it as a representation of the never-ending nature of love.

For a more delicate look, opt for a simple yet stylish half eternity setting like the Starlett Elegant Eternity Diamond Ring that has diamonds occupying only half of the band.

4. Halo Setting

Similar to the eternity design, the halo setting has a unique elegance that is sure to capture attention. It features a central diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller gems. This ring design is also less likely to chip or break than other settings, which makes them a wise choice for jewellery that will be worn everyday.

Looking for something more dramatic? Adorn your finger with the Star Carat Fancy Glimmer Diamond Ring that is set in a double halo setting paved with diamonds in 18K white gold.

5. Crown Setting

The rex, also known as the crown, setting is prized for its traditional yet eye-catching silhouette. It consists of a band of metal that curves around the stone, creating a crown-like effect just like The Helix Allstar Diamond Ring. The diamond is held in place by claws that are hidden under the bezel, with the illusion that the stone is floating in mid-air—a truly ethereal look.

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A diamond ring is a cherished symbol of love, commitment, and connection. When choosing your precious ring, it is important to consider its setting as this can have a major impact on the overall look of the stone. It must also be cared for and stored preciously in a casing for it to truly shine.

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