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Moments of Gold

Who’s dressed in red, full of fun and good cheer, and a perfect gift for the Chinese New Year?

The iconic duo, Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Liven up the party with well-loved characters from the House of Mouse this 2022.

As families reunite this festival, there’s no better way to bring everyone together than the magic of Disney, which has touched the hearts of generations.

Adorable & Auspicious Ang Pows

Ang Pow-giving is a staple tradition of the Chinese New Year passed down from generation to generation, blessing good luck and success to your loved ones. For this lunar new year, here’s something that will double up as a delightful gift for young ones and a thoughtful gift for parents and grandparents – our newly launched Disney Ang Pows. Each collectible 999 gold coin is beautifully designed in intricate detail with SK Jewellery’s unique technology. This makes for a remarkable yet affordable gift for your friends and family.

Golden Collectibles

If you’re looking to spruce up your home to welcome guests for the New Year, we’ve got just the thing for you. Our Disney collectible figurines feature fan favourite characters in their best poses, and are sure to liven up any room. These come plated in 999 gold, bringing a prosperous quality while brimming with the essence of our beloved Disney characters. Delight in the fun and adventure of Mickey’s cheer, and the sweet charm of Minnie’s poise.

It’s not just figurines and red packets we’ve got in stock as well. Carry with you your favourite Disney characters as you go visiting. Be it charms, pendants or rings, we’ve got something to delight Disney fans of every age.

Explore the rest of our 999 Gold Disney Collection, and brighten up your Chinese New Year!


2022: Tigger Takes the Spotlight

There’s no one better to usher in the year of the tiger than our bouncy friend from Winnie the Pooh. Meet life with laughter and boundless energy, just as Tigger does.

His energy and optimism are what we strove to channel into every item of our Tigger collection. When it comes to endearing tiger-themed gifts and collectibles for 2022, you won’t get anything better than this.

Discover our range of Tigger jewellery, gold bars and figurines.

Of course, we’ve got offerings for those whose tastes run more traditional as well. Welcome the roaring year of the tiger with our majestic tiger-themed jewellery and collectibles, specially designed for a prosperous lunar new year.

Auspicious new 999 and 916 gold jewellery are available as well.

Huat into the Lunar New Year with our festive favourite Pixiu and beaded bracelets. While tiger eye bracelets remain a classic and fitting choice this year, we’ve expanded our range to include a wider variety of crystals. If you’re seeking enhanced prosperity or additional healing benefits, be sure not to miss out on our green aventurine and amethyst additions.

A special mention goes to our best-selling Mantra of Wealth Pixiu bracelet, featuring black agate beads inscribed with the illuminating Tibetan 6 word mantra.

At SK Jewellery, we go beyond gold to create meaningful gifts that delight, bringing together friends and family.

Celebrate moments of gold with us this Lunar New Year!