Symbol of wealth and prosperity

prosperitySculpted by the masterful hands of accomplished craftsman, each piece of 999 Pure Gold Investment gold bar glows captivatingly with intricate carvings of auspicious symbols.
Each is a work of art that reflects wealth and bestows well wishes, while upkeeping its monetary value.

Made of the highest grade of pure gold

As gold represents success, abundance and prosperity in traditional chinese culture, a gift of 999 Pure Gold in a flourishing red packet symbolises the purest of blessings for your loved ones.

Prosper in the year of the Golden Monkey

Herald a prosperous year of the monkey with SK Jewellery's brand new edition of 999 Pure Gold Fortune Monkey Gold Bar Ang Pow.


Through the hands of a skilled master craftsman and the use of 3D gold carving technology, the intricate details one each gold bar comes to life, adding even greater value to the delicate piece of art.

20x Larger

Employing the use of the latest technology, the surface area of the 1g gold bar is now 20 times larger than the conventional gold bar of the same weight. The result is a gold bar which looks more impressive.

Rainbow Gold

The laser-crafted rainbow gold breathes life into the gold bar, producing a gorgeous array of colour when light reflects off its surface.